MOORE TEA – What Is It About?

Moore County, NC has many citizens who are concerned about the direction Washington is heading.  Seems every day there’s more news to make us quake.  With hundreds of thousands of others around the country we are organizing to take back America! 

There’s a lot going on in the U.S.A.  We’re in perilous times, and many of us are very concerned about what’s happening.  If you are too, join us and let’s DO SOMETHING! 

We had a very successful TEA Party in Southern Pines, NC on Tax Day, April 15th.  We’re planning and working hard to get more events underway.  Fourth of July in Carthage, and a September event in the Moore County region to coincide with the 9/12 events planned for Washington, DC. 

Stay tuned.  We’re testing, testing now.  The blog is  yours to add to – send us information, questions, suggestions or just a word or two to be in touch. 


Wyeth Painting Southern Pines Library

This painting is by NC Wyeth, and is titled “Captain Tennant”.  It depicts scenes from the book, “Drums” by James Boyd, a Southern Pines author and resident in the ’20s.  The scene depicted takes place in the Carolinas.  The painting is in the Southern Pines, NC Library, and the photo was taken by area resident Kenneth Benway.

We also recognize the contributions of the Edenton, North Carolina Tea Party, in October, 1774.  Organized by women, it was another move by courageous citizens to protest the unfair taxes levied by England.  Here is a link to learn more about Edenton’s protest.

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  1. Gina Brown says:

    I’m really upset that the NC Senate PASSED the Bully Bill last night. What are they thinking??? The Tea Bag

  2. Deeds says:

    Well, now we need to focus on our own state, and not simply tea bag Washington. Start brewing. Actually, it seems you are already steaming! 😉

  3. Virginia Garisto says:

    Unfortunately Congress is packed with liberal democrats who don’t want to pay the taxes they are forcing on us and can’t seem to tell the truth about anything. Time to get rid of all of them before it is too late. START WITH THE SPEAKER – LET’S KEEP THE PRESSURE ON. I AM TIRED OF THEM SWEEPING ALL THEIR SINS UNDER THE RUG.

  4. Richard Monroe says:

    You’re doing a great job with this website. Keep up the good work and continue to keep us informed. Thanks so much.


  5. Richard Monroe says:

    The letter from Arizona says it all! She truly speaks for millions of people today.


  6. StagingLt says:

    Just found this blog… looking forward to July 4th in Carthage! I may have the race car in tow, as I have to be in South Carolina for a race that night. 😉 I found the tea party in Southern Pines on April 15th, and was happy to see the great support.

  7. gayle parker says:

    The Fourth of July parade in Carthage was so worthwhile. I was delighted to see the Tea Party float and all the signs. Nearly every week I write to our senator Hagen and Burr, and every week I call the White House. I want my voice heard loud and clear. /Check out Burr’s newsletter, as he has some fine ideas about health care. I think we have to be highly visible and politely loud. With that in mind, I suggest that Tea Parties are held every month. Let’s not wait for another holiday.

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