Dear MOORE TEA CITIZENS, This is a reminder that you are invited to join members of the MOORE TEA CITIZENS group in Carthage this Saturday, July fourth. We’ll be marching in the Carthage parade at 11:00am, and would love to greet you there. Come join the parade and help us reclaim our America! Wear cool clothing (red, white and blue would be great), bring water, and if you have a sign to hold that’s fine.

Do you have a flag? Great. Bring it! We’ll have flags and some signs, and copies of the U.S. Constitution and Common Sense. If you’re marching with us, meet at about 10:30 at the John Deere dealer location, near McDonald’s. The route is short, and will end by the courthouses.

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One Response to COME TO THE PARADE!

  1. StagingLt says:

    Thanks for a great day. It was wonderful for my wife and I to meet a bunch of new people, who all share our concern for our great nation. We enjoyed participating in the parade, and look forward to future events.

    Especially with our own state issues like the Senate bill 202 which will force a wide array of new sales taxes on us, and the ills coming down the national pipeline in the form of Cap & Trade, Nationalized Health Care, and numerous other things, we can’t wait until 9/12 to organize another event.

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