WOW!  Over 100 (a guess) members and friends of MOORE TEA CITIZENS gathered on July 4th in Carthage for their terrific parade.  We had flags, signs, enthusiasm and purpose.  Send a note to add your thoughts.

Carthage July 4th Parade

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  1. Here is a short video of the march. I didn’t get much footage as I was busy shooting other floats and we also had a float in the parade.

    Craig DeSpain

  2. mrw123 says:

    Thanks, Craig. The video tells the story. We’re so glad you were there to chronicle the good times we all had!

  3. StagingLt says:

    Thanks, Craig!

    (Already posted in the “Come to our Parade” thread…)
    Thanks for a great day. It was wonderful for my wife and I to meet a bunch of new people, who all share our concern for our great nation. We enjoyed participating in the parade, and look forward to future events.

    Especially with our own state issues like the Senate bill 202 which will force a wide array of new sales taxes on us, and the ills coming down the national pipeline in the form of Cap & Trade, Nationalized Health Care, and numerous other things, we can’t wait until 9/12 to organize another event.

  4. StagingLt says:

    I just received this update in my e-mail.

    Republican Leaders Challenge Perdue on Taxes, Spending

    Now is Time for Debate and Open Dialogue on State Budget

    Raleigh, N.C. – Democratic Legislative Leaders are now meeting, in closed door sessions, to craft a final state tax and spending plan; there is no open debate, no public input, and little opportunity for the media to give the public accurate or detailed information. According to news reports, Democrats are in agreement to raise state taxes by $1 billion or more; it appears the debate now centers on which taxes will go up and which North Carolina families and businesses will be paying more.

    Last week, Governor Beverly Perdue called on Legislative Democrats to conclude their negotiations quickly, and pass a budget saying she did not “care” which taxes were raised.

    Senate Republican Leader Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) said, “The Democratic debate centers on which tax increases they’re going to enact; proposals that will only cost more jobs. We have record-high unemployment and Democrats not only steadfastly refuse to eliminate wasteful spending, they refuse to hold any kind of open debate to explain why.

    We don’t need more private, invitation-only, closed door meetings – so this is a challenge to Governor Perdue: Let’s have joint appearances across North Carolina and debate in the open the state budget and our policy differences on the issues of taxes and spending.

    That kind of frank dialogue is past due. I propose at least five such debates over the next two weeks; the events should be moderated by members of the press, including the capital press corps and local media, and should include a public comment and direct question component. This will allow us to incorporate ideas, comments, and proposals from the people of North Carolina.”

    House Republican Leader Paul Stam (R-Wake) said, “When Democrats debate taxes and the budget solely among themselves, taxpayers are rarely heard. It is like committing lambs to the wolves to be devoured. This should end.”


    Please feel welcome to contact my office on any issues of concern. I look forward to hearing from you.

    For additional information, please contact:
    Rhonda Todd, Legislative Assistant
    The Office of Representative James L. Boles
    Phone: (919) 733-5903 E-Mail: bolesla@ncleg.net

  5. Craig DeSpain says:

    Watch this video. This is why we need to march on Washington

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