UN-American or UNIQUELY American?

Folks, we are NOT UN-American.  We are UNIQUELY American.  Agree?  Make a comment!

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3 Responses to UN-American or UNIQUELY American?

  1. JD Zumwalt says:

    Please – Do not allow me to mislead you. I am a solid conservative who loves this country. I am grateful to every single person who participates in the Tea Party movement. What is happening is a good thing and it is a great start. However it is not enough.
    And by the way – Visiting a member of Congress is a waste of your time. Members of Congress get elected because they are able to fool you when you speak to them. They are wonderful actors; they act like they care about you and about your cause. The next person who sees them will hear a different version; one that is based on what the politician thinks will be most palatable.
    What should we do? Our slogan should be, “VOTE THEM OUT – ALL OF THEM”. Then – We should act on our slogan.
    Imagine if every car bore a bumper sticker with our slogan. What if we all had pins, and signs in our yard? What if we all got behind candidates who are not politicians – but who love this country and actually believe the Constitution was written for a reason? And then – Imagine if we did actually vote them out – all of them.
    Forgive me, I am a cynic. I don’t believe it will happen. What a shame, because we could make it happen if we cared enough.

    • mrw123 says:

      Thanks for your note. MOORE TEA CITIZENS will welcome you as a member. Just send address and phone number. Much appreciated. We’ll be working on identifying candidates for office who will be responsible to their constituents. We agree – if they don’t work for us then they should find a job outside of Washington and Raleigh, and we should replace them with real patriots, real Americans.

      Again, appreciate your feedback.

    • Dee Park says:

      Thanks – I’ve responded on the blog to your thoughtful note. Send address and phone number and join our ranks. We’re on the march. Check the blog, please, or let me know and I’ll send it to you via email.


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