And another…

Embedded video from CNN Video

Here is the time lapse video of all of us, marching in Washington.  Amazing crowd, the largest in my experience.  Estimated at up to 2 million Americans. (Carol Wheeldon’s note to a friend – “This sure looks like more than 500,000 to me! We’re trying to get an official count from the park service (they actually take photographs from a helecopter, breaks the photographs into grids, physically count one grid and multiply for an “estimate”) The time lapse video you sent showed the crowd reaching the capitol at about 15-17 seconds into the run and the end was still marching at the end of the 40 second video. And, there was already a large crowd at the capitol that did not march! We closed the town for awhile. That doesn’t happen with a small crowd. I see even CNN has gone from 50,000 to 1.5 million. I mean, who doesn’t believe CNN! The British, who have no political ax to grind (I think) have estimated over 2 million.” Thanks, Carol! Dee

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