DEFENDING THE AMERICAN DREAM SUMMIT!We filled a bus and traveled to Washington again on October 2 and 3.  We attended the Americans for Prosperity Defending the American Dream Summit!

If you were not  able to go, hold on, there will be other opportunities to be actively involved as we head into 2010.  Thanks for your encouragement and support, friends and families of MOORE TEA CITIZENS.  We love you all!

Take a look at our report and look for the Washington photos to the right of this note.  WE DID IT, MOORE TEA CITIZENS AND FRIENDS!

We ‘did’ rally on the Mall, 2,000 strong. We ‘did’ make a visit to Senator Kay Hagan’s office, meeting with a staff member.  We ‘did’ listen to each of the Arlington marathon of speakers – Laura Ingraham keynoted the Reagan Dinner.  We ‘did’ see an amazing new film, ‘Not Evil, Just Wrong’ (Save October 18th for the first viewing around the country, right here in Moore County!).  We ‘did’ hear Newt, Pence, DeMint, Kudlow, Hewitt, Moore, Cain, Morrissey.  Sorry ’bout the last names – we believe their names are household by now!


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