Bill’s thoughts on Getting Involved…

Listen, I went to Raleigh NC for a freedom rally today. Last week I went to Washington at the capitol.  Did I want to? No!  Were there other things I would rather do?  Yes!  However I was compelled to for my grandchildren and yours. We are in a time that we must all do things we don’t particularly like doing but those who died for our freedom didn’t really want to die – but for us they did .  Now it’s our turn to stand up so get off the couch and start marching for freedom. Talk to your friends and if they still don’t listen then they are not your friends. Keep talking anyway. God bless you and never give up. We are in a real fight for our freedom and don’t you forget it.
The present administration seems to be on a mission to socialize our country and bankrupt it as well.  We can not sit by and let this happen.  I’m only one person and only one vote, but I plan to do all I can to make sure that my voice is heard loud and clear.  I ask that you do the same – not for me but for you.
Bill Walters
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