DC to NC Protest Rally and March 11/14/09

Link here to see the YouTube from the 11/14/09 Protest and Rally in Raleigh, NC.  About 40 Moore County patriots went, and we will have more to say, plus more photos, soon. Here is a link to the Raleigh News and Observer.  We thought their estimate of 400 or so attending was very low.  Numbers seem to be in the eye of the beholder. 

Here is a YouTube – the parade covered four city blocks in Raleigh and took about 40 minutes. 

Rally and March in Raleigh 11-14-09 035

Here we are - the MTC Gang in Raleigh for the Day!

 Rally and March in Raleigh 11-14-09 020 Rally and March in Raleigh 11-14-09 010

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2 Responses to DC to NC Protest Rally and March 11/14/09

  1. brendabowers says:

    This is fantastic! This is what it is going to take people all over America doing if we the people are to get the Congressmen’s attention. Congress can if they will turn back the tide on our government’s take over. These elected officials can if they will rescind all the laws they have enacted that are contrary to our constitution. There are some who care not that the power they are garnering for themselves will enslave their children; But there are others who do care and who will look beyond their own petty needs to control and see what lies ahead after they are gone and who will think of what it will be for their children then with others in power.

    Short of Congress acting it will take people like you forcing the issue. It may even come to a second violent revolution tho I pray not.

    I am so happy to see what you have done and are doing and wish I could physically join you. However I am to the point where my body is finally giving in to the scoliosis and consequent arthritis that has been trying to defeat me most of my life. All I can do now is blog and try in my humble way to keep my readers informed as to just what the federal government is doing. It is a challenge keeping up because they are attacking our rights on so many fronts at the same time. And they are especially good at putting up smoke scenes to divert our attention from what is actually going on behind the screens. Looking behind the screens and reporting is what I can do and have set as my share of this fight against the country I love. BB

    • mrw123 says:

      Thank you, my new friend, for this wonderful post. We are sisters and brothers, all of us who are working for America, and we must prevail. Your work and fine writing are much appreciated. Keep in touch! Dee

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