What’s with a porcupine on the MOORE TEA CITIZENS blog?  He is a symbol of all the prickly stuff that’s coming at us from Washington, DC.  We are working day and night to get the quills pulled and remove the threat to all of us, and now we’re beginning to wonder if it’s better to just get rid of the pesky creature – he’s scary, intimidating, and he’s sniffing around OUR TEA!  That is our organization, MOORE TEA CITIZENS, representing all freedom-loving, independent-acting, conservative-thinking Americans!

This is PORKY – Got a Better Name?  Send a note and suggest a new name.  Reminds us of all of those entitlements – Senator Mary Landrieu’s $3 billion, for example!

He’s shadowy – not always easy to see what he’s doing.  Sometimes he does it in secret, behind closed doors, then he comes out and shoots another quill or two. 

What do you think, MOORE TEA CITIZENS?  Do you like him?  It’s not easy to find graphics with porcupine plus tea cup!

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4 Responses to PORCUPINE

  1. Carol Wheeldon says:

    I like him! Wish he had a little more color! I might rather “off with his head” than “end it all”, but either way, he’s an appropriate mascot! Carol

  2. Bonny says:

    Just doing some reading about porcupines-they are of the rodent family, give off noxious odors when stressed, and chew on bones in the winter. A large, prickly, stinky rat who gnaws on bones-a perfect image for Congress!!

  3. mrw123 says:

    Thanks, Carol, Thanks Bonny! What say the rest of you? He’s a ratty little rodent. We’re on the right track getting after this stinking animal. Get him before he gets us!

  4. Janice Gowens says:

    How to I sign up to receive these e-mails?

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