We have seen enough change in 2009 to last a lifetime.  Agree? 

We are not through fighting back yet.  Not by a long shot.

Thanks to Linda Jarrett for writing the alert.  Dee

Is there more to do – you bet!  Congress comes back to Washington DC after New Year’s – meantime you can call, fax, email or perhaps run into those folks in the grocery store.  Yeah. Right.  Let them know we’re watching and there will be major reactions from Americans if they pass the healthcare bill after negotiations.  The House of Representatives is expected to reconvene on January 12, and the Senate will likely return on January 20.  Get ready – soon they will begin again to revamp the United States of America, outrage by outrage!

Thank you, MOORE TEA patriots and friends, for your mighty effort to hold back this push to institute healthcare changes with giveaways that, combined, might well bankrupt America.  Don’t give in!!

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  2. Linda Raykowski says:

    The Moore County Tea Town Hall held at the Village Hall in Pinehurst was a great success. Thank you for letting me be a part of it.

    I so enjoyed hearing from people who have the same thoughts and fears that I do. It helps to know we are not alone in thinking our Great Country needs our help.

    Our founding Fathers were great patriots and I think they thought of everything, except the Progressive movement. We need less government and more people involvement. We do not need career politicians. We do not need so many lawyers in Congress. We need businessmen who have the know how to get things done. I think most in Congress only know how to vote themselves pay raises and jam up the public works. They do not work for “We the People” any more – they work for themselves.

    I would like to see each bill brought forth stand alone, with nothing attached to it. I would like to see the Federal Government cut their spending. If they have a meeting they need to go to, it is at their expense, not the taxpayers’.

    Again, thank you for letting me participate.

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