This is a new post.  We get lots and lots of letters – like Perry Como of old – rest his soul.  We’ll post them here and on a new page shortly.  Meanwhile, here is one from two MTC members…

The election in Massachusetts has encouraged and emboldened us all.  Yet there is some news of coming events that potentially disturbs us about the Tea Party.  We’ve heard there is to be a national Tea Party rally with tickets being sold at $350-$500, and Sarah Palin is being paid $150,000 to speak there.  If this is true, it tarnishes the grass roots image and appeal of the movement.  It puts the Tea Party in the same circle of mercenary self-service as the Democrats and Republicans.

We feel that the message of the Tea Party must remain clear, concise and demonstrably strong.  That message should have three components only-lower taxes, lower government spending and strong national defense.  Other issues like gun control and abortion should be downplayed and avoided as much as possible.The Tea Party must not become arrogant or show even a hint of becoming a third party, lest it legitimize the mockery of the left wing loons, split the coalition, defeat its own purpose and wind up with excessive years of Pelosi, Reid and Obama. 

Hopefully the Tea Party will bring the Republican Party, Independents and moderate Democrats together in a coalition that will result in a resounding victory in November and a Republican President in 2012.

Let’s stay focused on what got us here and avoid the path of lunacy that both political parties have traveled in recent years. 

Thanks for all you do,



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  1. roy burch says:

    where and when are there any meetings.

  2. PJ Murray says:

    I received a phamplet from a member of Moore Tea Citizens last evening and felt compeled to comment on it. If in fact your organization is concerned about government spending, why then is only the Obama administration singled out, where were you when it fact the previous administration left us with a large deficit. I also assume that those of you who are part of this organization and are eligible for Social Security and Medicare refuse receiving both of these since it’s handled and paid for by the government. I also assume your ok with the millions of dollars that companies paid lobbiest to secure support from our congressional leaders on legislation that might regulate them and just might reduce costs to all of us. I also assume your ok with the fact that part of your premiums for health care go to pay for those millions who are uninsured and that the cost your doctors, dentist, eye specialist charge you include additional costs for the uninsured as well. Your probably ok with what it costs us to invade Iraq, a country which had a dictator who wasn’t a threat to anyone other than his own people. You want free markets you say yet cost continue to rise in our current free market system, one which has less regulation than ever. And your probably ok with that free market system where top executives get huge bonus payments every year while each of us pay a little bit more to ensure they receive them. Finally you keep referring to adhering to the US Constitution, funny until the election of 2009, I don’t remember much to do about that subject. As an independent who feels term limits, elimination of lobbiest, the right mix of inacting regulations on our companies to ensure cost control, I find your organization real mission is one about a President you don’t like because of pretty obvious reasons and that’s a sad commentary to where out country is going!!!!!

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