Rest up – we have much more work to do.  Here is the link to the vote  – Sunday night, during the Lenten Season, at the 11th hour of the night, Congress voted.  Let them know how you feel, and prepare to move ahead.  Let us have your thoughts, Moore TEA.  We will post them below.  Not one, but two places to request, no, require, REPEAL

For starters, sign here to demand repeal. 

Not enough?  sign here to demand repeal again.  Why not!

Who voted for the monstrosity?  Link Here for the full report.  Check it out – Murtha voted yes?  He’s dead, folks.  This report, from the Washington Post, also let’s us know how much those people received from the health industry.  And the report also lists the % in their districts who do not have health insurance.  Very interesting.  What will YOU do with it? 

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