Dee Park Addresses Moore County Republican Convention

General Johnny O.

John Oltesvig here.  Many of you don’t know me but I’m the guy who showed up at the Pinehurst Village Hall dressed up in a Continental Army Uniform complete with Tricorn hat and delivered a rousing three minute rant regarding what’s going on in our Nation’s capital.  In any event I just wanted to post Dee Park’s amazing speech she delivered to the crowd gathered at SCC Saturday, March 13th.

Link Here for Dee’s Speech Video

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5 Responses to Dee Park Addresses Moore County Republican Convention

  1. Dick Korn says:

    The TEA party I envision is much less party centric than your email would lead me to think that you folks are. I may lean conservative but I am no Republican. If you want people like me to participate in your TEA Party you would need to be less GOP oriented. And if that’s the case how will you ever get folks on the left to work with you all? What is going on in Washington is not a right left issue it’s an American issue.
    Good Luck
    D Korn

  2. d.eris says:


    Then you are wasting your time. The Republican and Democratic Parties, the two-party system itself is the problem. The solution to the problem that is the two-party state is not to be found within the confines of the two-party state. Freedom and independence today begins with freedom and independence from the Republican and Democratic Parties!

  3. Very Good Speech. I will comment on it later when I get some time. Off to give another speech, myself.

  4. True Tea Party Patriots are from all walks of life and all political affiliations, they are able to put their political differences aside to fight for the restoration of America. When the Tea Party collectively purges itself of intolerance and political correctness it will rise up to restore American jurisprudence to its Biblical foundations and limit the federal government to its Constitutional boundaries only then will Prosperity, Peace, Freedom and Liberty will be restored.
    When our forefathers were in battle fighting for Freedom and Liberty of America and its citizenry there was no political divide, there was only unity to fight the tyranny and evil coming against America. In the words of one of our founding fathers, ” We must hang together, gentlemen…else, we shall most assuredly hang separately.”
    ~Benjamin Franklin~

    That principle still holds true today………….UNITE!

  5. As Judge Andrew Napolitano, the Fox News senior legal analyst and my former Constitutional Law professor, has been telling people around the country: “These gatherings are more important than you can imagine, because in the long history of the world only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its maximum hour of danger. YOU ARE THAT GENERATION !! THIS IS YOUR ROLE !! THIS IS THAT HOUR !! Freedom must be defended from every assailant in every corner of this country… from outside the country, from inside the country, and especially from the government who wants to take it away from us.”
    Do you realize that our own government is our most pressing enemy right now ?

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