Link Here for the Slide Show!

Wow, what a trip we took to DC.  Washington was alive with members of  T.E.A. groups from all over the country.  Here’s our slide show – we did Moore TEA proud, Citizens.  We’ve heard about a couple of awful breaks with our peaceful tradition of the past year and a half.  We did NOT participate in anything other than strongly speaking out – and waving our signs, and visiting the offices of Representatives, both friend and foe.  It was a marvelous trip and we all came back energized and hoping against hope that they would do the right thing on Sunday and vote down the outrageous health care bill.

We are all disappointed, but we will redouble our efforts to turn the bill around and march it out the door of America, and to do the same to Congress members who voted for it.  Or supported it.  Out they go in the primaries and in the general election.

As to reports of a person spitting or uttering the ‘N’ word, we heard nothing of the kind.  Plenty of ‘Kill the Bill’ and booing, but here’s the video of the supposed incident – judge for yourself.  Thanks to Resistnet.com for providing the video.  Link Here.  Listen especially at .43, when the accusers suggest the offending word was heard.  It is inevitable that when 30,000 plus people gather something might happen.  Understand that there are many who would like us to believe that people of ill will are just waiting to act out against those whose actions we are resisting.  In our experience we’ve heard first hand from police about such an incident on one of our recent trips to DC.  Paid agitators are out there so we’re very careful.  But we must continue to go to Washington and Raleigh and rally against legislation that would further push America toward socialism and bankruptcy.

Are you with us?  Let’s ROLL, Citizens!


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