Raleigh Rally 4/6/10 – Where were Roy and Bev?

A gaggle of us went to Raleigh and rallied on Halifax Mall, the grassy area outside of the legislative buildings.  Attorney General Roy (Cooper) and Governor Bev (Perdue) were nowhere to be seen, but many legislators joined us.  We filled five cars and left from the Armory at 6:30 am.  It was a good morning, if not a real success in terms of getting our own North Carolina leaders to sign on and challenge the health care legislation through the courts.

Briefly, these are the details we have uncovered.  Thanks to Bill Cochrane for researching the question of how to fight back and encourage our own North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper (a Democrat) to join the other states that are filing law suits challenging the Consitutionality of the health care legislation. We have been told about the Rally in Raleigh next Tuesday, 4/6.

Commissioner of Labor, Cherie Berry, along with Julia Howard, is took the lead for North Carolina along with Commissioner of Agriculture Steve Troxler.  We met in solidarity with other T.E.A. groups from all over North Carolina to urge the issue of the State of North Carolina joining the others state with the law suit in front of the COUNCIL OF STATE.”

Americans for Prosperity has posted a link to send a letter to Governor Perdue and Attorney General Cooper.  Link Here to sign!

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2 Responses to Raleigh Rally 4/6/10 – Where were Roy and Bev?

  1. PJ Murray says:

    I guess all that are part of your organization have health care, aren’t worried about the rising cost of their premiums or what they pay when having the unfortunate situtation of needing health care services!!! Nor does your organization believe that those without health care aren’t currently costing you more!!!!! Sure it isn’t the best bill for everyone, but it’s a “start”, but then again that’s not a word in the Tea Parties vocabulary, it’s only real word is “NO”. It would be nice to see some positive stuff once in awhile, but that’s probably too much to ask.

  2. William Cochrane says:

    Well, Mr. Murray, let me take your challenges one at a time:

    1. The new Health Care law does NOTHING about the rising cost of premiums. In fact, the CBO as well as several honest Democrat senators and congressmen have admitted that premiums for most Americans will GO UP under this new law.
    2. It will cost much more to provide those without health insurance (please note that even your challenge is based on the accurate premise that EVERYONE currently has access to health CARE) unlimited medical services under this new law. There is nothing in the new law that limits the rise in these costs. This is especially true when you throw in the millions of illegals that this act will cover. There is absolutely NOTHING in this law that will reduce the rise in these costs!
    3. In fact, the company in which I spent my career life has ALREADY announced that the much higher costs they will incur under this new law added to the loss of tax incentives to provide their workers and retirees with health insurance in this new law will cause them to DROP my family’s health insurance next year! So, not only will my family have HIGHER TAXES under this law, we will now have to bear the FULL cost of health insurance dictated by this evil government. NOW THAT’S GONNA COST MY FAMILY MORE! Not less!

    Why don’t you find out what you’re talking about and rationally THINK IT THROUGH before you come trolling next time?

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