Moore TEA Citizens Trip to DC on TAX DAY!

Fifty of our Moore TEA Citizens met up early in the morning on 4/15 and went by bus to DC.  We’re so proud of you, and we are happy to post a couple of photos of you patriots!

Add your commentaries below, and send photos!  Wes and Jeanne Mays’ pictures have been shared – link here to see – you’ll need a password – easy to do!

You had a super time and we all want to feel part of what you experienced!

Thanks for going, and for coming back safe and sound!


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2 Responses to Moore TEA Citizens Trip to DC on TAX DAY!

  1. Wes May says:

    What a great rally in DC yesterday… and Carol did a great job as our leader.  The URL listed is the only “media report” I’ve found so far (from Washington Examiner).  The overall tone struck me as being pretty negative … not reflective of what I saw and felt during the rally.  The disparity may turnout to be helpful since it makes it so much easier for the Progressive Ruling Class (and its supporters) to underestimate the strength of a real, “grass-roots” movement.  The Liberals have to manufacture “grass-roots support,” led by groups like ACORN, SEIU + other “big labor” unions, “drive-by” media, Hollywood air heads, etc., etc. … so Libs CANNOT RECOGNIZE what a real, spontaneous grass roots movement IS and CAN DO.  In a process that I think the “shrinks” call “mote beam projection” the Libs “project” their “values” and “actions” on the values and actions of all other groups.  That is, they really believe that the Tea Party movement is as politically and morally corrupt as their own activist organizations … (that’s why they are demonizing the Tea Party movement so viciously)…they just cannot understand a movement based on “core principles”!!!! On April 17, I found another report, specifically on the DC Rally, by Fox News … it was “Fair and Balanced.” The URL for this report is also listed below.


    You can cut and paste these URL’s into your browser to see the reports.

    Jeanne and I really enjoyed the DC rally.  We were surprised at the absence of Tea Bag visitors at the House Office buildings … we visited all three in less than two hours.  Visited the offices of Reps. Coble, Ryan, Bachmann and Pelosi … did not see any congressperson., since voting was taking place in the House.  Spent more time at Rep Coble’s office, because there were so many photos/artifacts in his office + his staff was so friendly.  They actually came out from behind their desks to greet us.  He has a fantastic view of the Capitol dome from his desk!  I had a small mishap on entering the Cannon building when entry door slammed me in the arm when it closed unexpectedly. Drew a little blood, but the nurse was only a few doors away from Rep Bachmann’s office, so I got patched up OK. (I only mention this because there is a photo of me with the nurse.)

    The speakers and entertainment were very good.  Michelle Bachmann was probably the most energetic, although Lord Monckton was also great. He was amazing … he got all of us to shout “BULL S–T” several times re: global warming!! A female reporter from Fox News was also very strong.  I was looking forward to hearing Dick Armey … and he was very good, but seemed to lack the “fire in the belly” of other speakers.  All in all, a wonderful experience.

    Only downer was the bus:  it was a very uncomfortable ride. The drivers were great, but the bus left much to be desired. The seats did not provide good support and leg room was too restrictive.  The suspension was very harsh and we felt every bump and swerve … to the point that it was tricky to move up and down the aisle when we were “cruising” down the Interstate, normally a smooth ride in a bus.  The “25th Anniversary” bus that I rode on my first two trips to DC was much, much better.

    As noted in the posting, I’ve forwarded 34 photos which can be downloaded to your HD in full resolution, using the link that Dee has provided. There are two photos that show a possible “infiltrator,” but the conversation between two Tea Party Patriots and one of the other persuasion ended without any incident. Notice that a video was being made … I believe by a Tea Party patriot.

    Thank you, MTC, for sponsoring the Tour. Looking forward to another DC trip in September and, hopefully, another AFP “Defending the American Dream Summit” this Fall.


    • Dee says:

      So sorry about the ride, and about your mishap. Feel better, and remember the pioneers crossing the prairies. Cheers, good Citizens! Dee

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