The new Washington Obama/Congress push seems to be for Immigration Reform, and of course, simultaneously, Financial Reform.  And right along side, maybe a little delayed, is the Cap and Tax legislation.  If you want to add your thoughts do so here – we’re all bummed that they are doing this relentless push, and we have to resist the crazy stuff they think we have to have.  Watch out for them – they want to control salt, talk radio, and of course keep votes public for the unions…the list goes on.

They are acting faster than a speeding bullet.  Let’s get ready and fire back.   We must stay on top of these issues – can you help???

Thanks – we’ll send an alert asap about at least Financial Reform.  Look at the “Issues” pages for information – we’ll keep it coming as we locate best sources.

The list of people to call and what we suggest you say is in the Financial Reform Alert, just posted 4/25.

Let’s go, folks – they are at it again!


Linda Jarrett’s material is posted – Microsoft Word – Financial Reform Alert Linda!

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  1. Russ Vansant says:

    I urge you to vote NO on the deeply flawed so-called financial reform
    legislation before Congress. Senator Dodd – himself implicated in the
    Countrywide scandal – has designed a bill that institutionalizes
    too-big-to-fail, assures continued bailouts, does nothing to address the
    root causes of the housing crisis at Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the
    Center for Responsible Lending, and creates a huge new bureaucracy.

    Moreover, in light of the breaking scandal, Congress needs to take a time
    out until a full investigation into John Paulson, Goldman Sachs, the
    Center for Responsible Lending, (and its former vice president, Eric
    Stein, who now works at the Treasury Department) has been conducted. The
    roles of these institutions in the history of the housing crisis must be
    fully understood before Congress legislates.

    In addition, the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission is still doing its
    work, which should also be completed before Congress acts. If you rush to
    regulate before a thorough investigation of the Paulson/CRL scandal is
    done and before the Commission reports, you’re more likely to encourage
    corrupt schemes than to end them.


    Russ Vansant

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