HR 2399 – Puerto Rico Democracy Act

Here they come again – this time with HR 2399 – Link Here for more information.  It passed today, 4/29.  Representative Coble voted NO! HR2499_votes are detailed here.  Thanks to Bill Cochrane for sending the results.

Seems that the Dems are looking for anything that will work to give more people the right to vote – surely helping the numbers for the Democrat party.  And 4.13 million more people would be on the rolls for benefits in the United States.

Picking the pockets of all Americans is the order of the day!  A TEA member from Pittsburgh said it this way, as reported by Tea Party Patriots – well said:

Please consider this:

* The U.S. would transform, overnight, into a bilingual nation. At least half of Puerto Ricans do not speak English, the language of our U.S. Constitution and founding documents. The Washington Times article, “Puerto Rican statehood,” analyzes all the implications of adding a foreign language-speaking state to the Union.

* It would bring immediate demands for massive federal spending. The average income of Puerto Ricans is less than half that of our poorest state, and infrastructure and the environment are far below American standards. Puerto Rico has a population with a median national income of $17,741, nearly a third of that for the U.S.

* Puerto Rico is already a democracy. Despite the bill’s deceptive title, Puerto Rico already has an elected government and exists as a self-governed commonwealth of the U.S.

* Statehood would give Puerto Rico more congressional representation than 25 of our 50 states! It would inevitably give Democrats two additional U.S. Senators and 6 to 8 additional Members of the House.

H.R. 2499 is stealth legislation designed to lead to the admission of Spanish-speaking Puerto Rico as the 51st state, thereby making us a de facto bilingual nation, like Canada. The U.S. Congress should not be forcing Puerto Ricans to vote on statehood, especially since the Puerto Rican people have rejected statehood three times since 1991!

No Member of Congress who describes himself as a limited government, fiscal conservative should be casting a YEA vote for H.R. 2499,as Puerto Rican statehood would cause an immediate increase in federal expenditures, particularly for taxpayer-funded welfare state services.

Read the whole thing:

The Puerto Rican government is even playing hardball with it own people!  Read this by Ann Shibler :

The United States House of Representatives is set to vote on H.R. 2499, the Puerto Rico Democracy Act, as early as this week. This bill would mandate a non-binding expression by the voters of Puerto Rico as to their wishes with regard to retaining their commonwealth status or becoming a state or becoming an independent nation, but in conjunction with other legislation already introduced inside Puerto Rico, the commonwealth status of the island could be eliminated as early as this year.

Three times in the past 43 years Puerto Ricans have voted against becoming the 51st state in the Union, the last time being 11 years ago. But this time the bill is rigged to eliminate the commonwealth option and grant either full statehood, or total independence.  Sen. Jose Hernandez-Mayoral of the island’s minority Popular Democratic Party said, “Behind this innocuous bill lies a fully thought out assault on Congress to designate the island the 51st state.” “With the commonwealth option out of the ballot, statehood is finally, albeit crookedly, assured a victory.”

The whole article is here:

HR2499 text:

Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2009 (Reported in House):

Thanks for all your hard work.

God bless you.


Patti Weaver

Pittsburgh Tea Party Movement

Add a note below to share your thoughts about Puerto Rico statehood.

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One Response to HR 2399 – Puerto Rico Democracy Act

  1. Peggy Smetana says:

    Please contact your Senators, Representatives and leaders in Congress to defeat H.R. 2499, the Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2009. This is up to a vote tomorrow, Thursday, April 29, 2010.

    Why is this subject brought up now, and why is it important to you? The answer is control. According to Congressman Jason Chaffetz from Utah, (Glenn Beck radio show, today, April 28), this bill is being pushed by the new progressive party in Puerto Rico.

    Puerto Rico has voted 4 times (1952, 1967, 1993, and 1998) not to seek statehood. But this time, the Act would stack the deck in favor of statehood. If progressives can achieve statehood for PR, progressives hope to gain get 2 Senators and 6 Representatives.

    The newsletter quotes the act:

    “The Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2009 authorizes the government of Puerto Rico:
    (1) to conduct a plebiscite giving voters the option to vote to continue Puerto Rico’s present political status or to have a different political status;
    (2) if a majority of ballots favor continuing the present status, to conduct additional such plebiscites every eight years; and
    (3) if a majority of ballots favor having a different status, to conduct a plebiscite on the options of becoming
    fully independent from the United States,
    forming with the United States a political association between sovereign nations that will not be subject to the Territorial Clause of the Constitution,
    or being admitted as a state of the Union.”

    Puerto Rico can always conduct a vote, as they have done in the past. But in prior votes Puerto Ricans put five options on their ballot, including statehood, sovereignty, modifications of their current status, and none of the above. “None of the above” always won over the other 4 options.

    H.R. 2499 cleverly conducts the first vote as a choice between staying the same or changing. There is obviously a much higher chance of “changing” winning, because it is one of only two choices.

    If “change” wins, the subsequent vote does not allow people to vote to remain a territory of the United States.

    Big government wants more control and hopes to gain it by adding voters from Puerto Rico, legalizing illegal aliens, giving voting rights to convicted felons, and representation for Washington D.C. residents. The progressives’ motto must be “Inch by inch, life’s a cinch, yard by yard, it’s very hard.”

    Please contact your Congressman and leaders of the House today. This bill has 181 co-sponsors, 58 of them Republicans. Big government is trying to wear down freedom-loving or unsuspecting representatives.

    Here is what I’m writing Coble and the House leaders:

    Vote against H.R. 2499 Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2009! Puerto Rico can call for a vote at anytime regarding their political status. Four times in the past they have voted to remain a territory of the United States. In the past they had 5 options from which to choose, including sovereignty, statehood, modifications of their current status, and none of the above. None of the above always won.

    The wording of H.R. 2499 is tricky, only allowing change or no-change in the first vote. If they vote for change, the second vote does not allow for remaining a territory.

    The new progressive party in Puerto Rico wants statehood to add senators and representatives to the U.S. Congress. They hope these will favor more government control of our lives. I don’t want more government control of my life.

    I can’t begin to understand what it like to be called partisan, non-compromising, and obstructionist. But I know that if a bill is bad for America and Americans’ freedoms, you must oppose it. And if every bill that is proposed is bad for America and Americans’ freedoms, then you must oppose every bill, no matter what you are called.

    There is no shame, only honor, is continually saying “no” to the progressives’ continued barrage of legislation that seeks to rob us of our freedom – financial reform bill, immigration reform (amnesty), cap and trade. With pride, defeat these measures. Washington did not win the Revolutionary War by compromising. President Barrack Obama certainly does not want to compromise on the financial reform bill. He demands that it be passed as written.

    We are in a fight for our individual lives and our individual liberties. If progressives take away our individual liberties, how far behind will they be in taking away our individual lives? If they don’t care about our individual liberties, why should they care about our individual lives? Those concerned in the past with collective rights (Hitler, Stalin) saw no problem with mass murder.

    Where in your oath of office did you pledge to be bipartisan? What about your sacred honor?

    Don’t be naïve. The progressives will pound you and pound you and pound you, until you think that on some minor issue, like a resolution for Puerto Rico, you can give way. Don’t be mistaken. Each effort is meant to take more control and rob you and me of our individual rights.”

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