We will be posting your thoughts here about the Arizona law that’s been passed and will go into effect this summer.

Let us know what you think !!!!  Thanks !!!!


If you support Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona’s decision on Illegal Immigration please click on her website and fill out box on left of home page to show your support.

Hopefully her courage in signing the Illegal Immigration bill will kick Washington in the ass and get them to move on this and put an end to our porous boarders .  Not to mention our tax dollars spent on schools, health care,  crime, etc.  relating to illegal aliens.     The list of reasons for the Federal Gov. to do their job  is far too long to list here; yes you have indeed been spared.

Pass this link on please.

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  1. ElDee McGill says:

    Great! about time someone did something besides lipservice..get politcs out of it and make it a law inforcement issue..Boo Napolitano, Boo Obama

  2. I support Governor Brewer and Arizona’s SB1070 to fight illegal immigration 100%!
    “Neither the Census Bureau nor the INS can say how many aliens have availed themselves of this gift already. We can only be sure that many millions more will also, unless Americans end it!

    This perversion of American citizenship, commonly called “birthright citizenship,” is the result of the federal government and judiciary’s willful misinterpretation of the Citizenship Clause of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.[i] In truth, the Citizenship Clause confers nothing so broad. The plain language of the 14th Amendment does not grant automatic birthright citizenship. A review of the Senate debate before the 14th Amendment’s ratification makes clear that the Citizenship Clause’s proponents were careful to preclude any automatic grant of citizenship based only on birth within the territory of the United States.”

  3. Steve Drinkwater says:

    I’m all for legal immigration….It’s about time we stopped illegal immigration. All our U.S. border states need this law and they need it enforced with armed security. We must stay vigilant.

  4. Peggy Smetana says:

    I think it’s a great, commonsense law. It was drafted very carefully to meet constitutionaly issues and discriminate against people on race. It is merely the same as the federal law. The only difference is that Arizona intends to enforce their law.

    My husband and I vacation in Colorado each year. I will make every effort to include Arizona in our vacation in 2010.

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