We have been researching NC and National candidates and have posted Moore County and North Carolina candidates (District 4 and 6).  Please check them out.   Look at the reports for yourself.  See Candidates link to the left and also posted above the banner.

Do your own research as well, and let us know if you believe some are particularly deserving of the support of voters in District 4/6.

Remember, Moore TEA Citizens does NOT support individual candidates as an organization – our 501(C)(4) status does not allow endorsements.  As individuals we do have opinions – and urge you to talk with our members.

Ethical and moral behavior and commitment to Conservative principles and the Constitution of the United States of America are essential for our support.  We know you agree!

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  1. Dee says:

    Folks, we’re sorry that because we are a 501(C)(4) organization we cannot support or endorse individual candidates. We do, of course, encourage all members and friends to vote for Conservative, Constitution-following candidates. We hope you understand. By all means consult any of our members for suggestions – we’re finding that most of them have taken the time to investigate the issues and the people who are running for office.

    Call us at 910-783-8340 if you wish to discuss access to information about candidates. Thanks!

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