From Senator Jim DeMint – A New Type of Senator

The Los Angeles Times recently published a story about a man in Utah who has dedicated much of his free time and disposable income toward helping elect a new type of Republican to the United States Senate.

The article included this line, which caught my attention. It describes the movement taking place right now, which is motivating him and millions of other Americans to take action to save their country.

It is an awakening, he suggests, of conservatives who say that government must be rooted more firmly in the Constitution and that lawmakers need to focus less on power, perks and pork-barrel spending.

It is an awakening — a realization that the Constitution was written to restrain the federal government so it cannot take away our freedoms.

Editor’s Note – If you take exception to the mention in Senator DeMint’s piece of the word ‘Republican’ – please let us know.  For us, we’d love to know who the Democrats are who are Conservative Constitution-following.  Ideas?  Send a note to us via this blog.

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One Response to From Senator Jim DeMint – A New Type of Senator

  1. Senator DeMint is a new type of Senator, he’s a True Constitutional Conservative….now if we can just weed out all the RINO’s like “pork-barrel ” “Backbencher” Coble that voted FOR NAFTA, TARP, CLUNKERS and voted with the Democrats against REFORM, the Republican Party MIGHT gain some unaffiliated voters back?
    Currently the democrat registrations are a runaway and the unaffiliated are closing in fast on the Republican registration mark in NC……..
    Voter Registration as of 05/16/2010 Democratic: 2,753,986 Republican: 1,932,118 Unaffiliated: 1,411,309
    Libertarian: 7,323 Total: 6,104,736

    Congressional District: 06 there are 471,349 registered voters and only 49,865 Republican’s voted in the primary! Apathy runs ramped in NC and the 6th district..
    Oh well…..there’s always hope for 2012!

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