This note from Richard Monroe introduces the piece we have added in the EDUCATION page, to the left, in the LEGISLATION section.  Richard notes,
“I have read all of the standards for grades K-12 including the amendments and changes during the last several months.  My friend from Texas, Donna Garner (See below) has been keeping me informed.  She has consistently sat in on the hearings and knows several of the state board members personally.  She can be trusted for her thorough investigation and integrity.  The Texas SBOE has been getting a bad rap…so much false information flowing out from people with personal agendas.
I have also been communicating with some old colleagues at the North Carolina State Department of Public Instruction in Raleigh (Social Studies Division) regarding their adoption of new standards.  As you may know, the Texas standards pretty much define standards adopted in the other states.  North Carolina is no exception.  We’ll be in good shape.  The Texas Social Studies Standards passed today are actually more inclusive and less biased than any before them.  The board has done an excellent job in spite of biased media reports circulated during the last few months.  As a former Social Studies teacher, I could not be more pleased.

Please take a moment to read Donna’s comments (IN THE EDUCATION SECTION TO THE LEFT), especially the section near the bottom entitled “An Endurance Contest”.  Donna, thanks so much for all of your hard work and dedication to this vital chapter in keeping America safe, free, and accurate for our children.”
Thanks for the report, Richard, and thanks, Donna, for the on-the-scene reporting!
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  1. Peggy Smetana says:

    Thank you, Richard, for your email and especially including your Texas friend’s comments. Her comments are invaluable since she was sitting in on the meetings. Wonderful first-hand account!

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