NC TEA Party Summit – Wilmington!

Program for TEA Party Summit!

Over 300 TEA group members and friends assembled over the weekend of May 21 – 23 in Wilmington.  Thanks to Americans for Prosperity, The John Locke Society and Civitas we had a fine training weekend and super opportunities to meet and bond with our fellow TEA groups from all over North Carolina.  24 counties were represented, and we’re still counting the TEA groups – some are just beginning to form.

Michael Barone was the Friday night dinner Keynote speaker.  Link Here for his latest commentary on

A dozen of Moore TEA Citizens’ members attended, and we enjoyed being with each other. The training covered a multitude of topics, including Precinct Organization, Door-to-Door Techniques, Recruiting and Motivating Volunteers, Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV), and Targeting and Identifying Voters.

The meetings included presentations from TEA groups, including our own Moore TEA Citizens’ Dee Park.  Wow, a standing ovation.  Carol Wheeldon attended the Hickory meeting over the weekend of 5/13 – 5/15, and had a very similar experience, including the standing ovation.

Reaction to our Moore TEA billboards, going up this month and next, was super.  We think other groups will join us in Phase Two, forming partnerships to put up new billboards.

Here are photos from this weekend.  We hope to get more posted soon!

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