VOTE4AMERICA New Sub-Committee for Moore TEA

We have launched a new sub-committee for

Candidates and Elections, and it’s called:


Steering Group Assembles

The Moore TEA Citizens Get Out The Vote campaign is officially underway.  We formed the 13 member steering group on 6/8/2010, and welcome new members.  We’ll be covering ALL OF MOORE COUNTY.  Are you a resident of any community in Moore County?  Step right up and volunteer!  Send a note to  Do it today – we’re moving right now to get all qualified voters registered and to the polls in November, 2010.  Join UP Today!

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2 Responses to VOTE4AMERICA New Sub-Committee for Moore TEA

  1. James Taylor says:

    What will this sub-committee actually do and not do?

    • Dee says:

      The sub-committee, Vote4America, will work to get the vote out in November. We are beginning by continuing training most of our 12 member Steering Committee received in Hickory, Wilmington and Moore County. And we’ll call or call on all of our Moore TEA Citizens first, being sure THEY are registered to vote. Then we’ll get the door-to-door calls going all over Moore County. Want to join us? Send a note to The clock is ticking and we’re hoping to complete the canvass of Moore County with a small army of volunteers!!

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