OPINIONS, PLEASE. Check Our New Page and Weigh In!

The first topic will be the proposed mosque for NYC.  Add your thoughts, please.  Let’s get it done – we’ve written a letter of protest.  Should we send it?

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3 Responses to OPINIONS, PLEASE. Check Our New Page and Weigh In!

  1. MaryJo Morse says:

    Absolutely NOT! D/o we not have any HONOR or COMMON DECENCY for those innocent 3300 people who lost their lives on that perfectly clear, blue sky day of 9/11/01? To say these Muslems are like any other peaceful religion is something that needs to be explored and researched further…..However, their is a Mosk already viable in NYC therefore, makes the need for a new prayerful area null and void most especially in the same are as that of where the TWIN TOWERS were built. I am a proud displaced New Yorker and feel deeply for those families, relatives and friends who have lost a loved one that frightful day.

  2. Richard K says:

    Incredibly insensitive if you ask me but has anyone asked them why they want to put a mosque there? Maybe they are just all incredibly insensitive. Ya never know.

  3. Marilyn Zimmerman says:

    What an insult to the families of those who were killed on 9/11.This is just another insult to our country and its people. Its the Islamic way of saying we are overtaking you! I won’t strand for it and neither should any real AMERICAN!!!!

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