Here is an article submitted by Allen Fulghum, from The American Thinker.  Before reading the rest of what follows, please read the article.


I condemn the NAACP. I condemn it because I still am waiting to see video footage and/or hear audio tape to prove their repeated accusations that Tea Party activists hurled “racial epithets” at Representative John Lewis (D-GA) and other black members of Congress just before the House of Representatives’ final votes on ObamaCare.

Those congressmen were surrounded by TV cameras, radio news recorders, plus cell phone cameras, amateur video cameras, video-equipped digital cameras, etc. How did NONE of those high-tech devices manage to capture anybody lobbing racial insults at these black congressmen?

If such comments actually were uttered, the NAACP and its leftist allies would have played them over and over and over and over and over and over and over to embarrass and humiliate Republicans, conservatives and the allegedly racist tea party movement. In fact, no one has stepped forward to collect Andrew Breitbart’s $100,000 prize for any documentary proof that these supposed race bombs ever were dropped on their targets.

The NAACP’s vicious and baseless attacks on its opponents do not reflect reality. Rather, they confirm the NAACP’s paranoia and rapidly growing irrelevance.

Deroy  Murdock

I Condemn the NAACP: Where Is the Evidence of Tea Party Racism?

by Deroy Murdock

This piece was published in Vision to America.  Your opinions?

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  1. MaryJo Morse says:

    I too agree. Fox News and its broadcasters would have had their research departments delving through material to make sure that what the NAACP evoked was indeed true…..To make accusations such as these is on the part of NAACP to insight a crowd of ordinary people into a frenzy and for what purpose?
    Our country went through some fierce times in the early to late ’60’s that you would think we came a long way from this thing known as racism……..So much progress had been made why on earth would we want to go back to those dark , dank days.
    Our forefathers forged ahead then whey don’t we take heed and follow their lead towards progress in the American way.

  2. FulghumInk says:

    The NAACP calls white conservatives, “racists.” They call black conservatives, “uncle Tom’s.” It is obvious that their venom is directed at conservatives because they are liberals. Of many reasons, they don’t like conservatives because conservatives are a threat to their liberal agenda. Liberalism is big business in the publc trough. Conservatives are a threat, pure and simple.

    In addition to this, there is an old saying that the Devil goes around calling everyone else the Devil. Of course, the honorable lesson is that there are indeed those who-in order to deflect attention away from who and what they are, go around calling everyone else who and what THEY are. Hate mongering bigots like those in the NAACP go around calling everyone else racists as a derogating tactical ploy to mask their own brand of bigotry that they may 1. Silence any opposition to their liberal decomposition, 2. Incite the focus under their control over and away from issues, and 3. Place conservatives in defense of what they know to be a lie.

    When conservatives fall for this ruse and waste time contending against the lie, those who are bystanders, intellectual dullards, and those squarely on the side of liberal rot, who either will not or cannot distinquish between the truth and the lie, regard those who are constantly defending themselve against the lie as somehow hiding a “truth.”

    Never fall for the ruse of those who begin name calling in any discourse. Name calling simply means that they have nothing with which to defend their positions.

    An effective question (at least it has worked for me) to reroute the venom is to simply ask, “Since I don’t even know you, what evidence do you have from your own bigotry that we are racist?”

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