The D.I.S.C.L.O.S.E. Act went down to defeat today.

Our member, Wes May, reported first that the bill failed to carry by 3 votes.  On its merits, it should have been defeated by a much larger margin .. but I’m not complaining.  Link is to Washington Post article.  Read on for more – and know that the two Maine woman Republican (RINO) Senators and Senator Brown from Massachusetts voted NO!   Good news!

The bill would have been a huge infringement on free speech rights of the tea party movement.  This attempt to silence the majority of everyday Americans while creating exceptions for the privileged few lobbyists is unacceptable.  The defeat of this bill was due to the efforts of a broad coalition of activist organizations, with the tea party movement being a key players.  Moore TEA Citizens worked hard to defeat this awful legislation and we are excited to see the positive outcome of our grassroots efforts. We have been burning up the phone lines and emails.  We hope Congress will take caution next time they consider violating our 1st amendment rights.

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