Manhattan Mosque Response from Moore TEA

We have written letters – read them!  And then consider calling or emailing Mayor Michael Bloomberg in NYC – let him know how you feel about the building of a mosque at Ground Zero.  Look to the left of this post and check the letters.  Contact information is there for you to use – please do that!

Thanks to allen Fulghum for passing along this from
A Mosque At Ground Zero?

Dear Fellow Member of Keep America Safe:

This week we’ve seen several new developments in the ongoing battle over whether a mosque belongs at Ground Zero. Both The New York Post and The Weekly Standard have a great investigative pieces looking into the background of the proposed mosque’s leader and the sources of funding for the project. For more background on this important issue please take a look at this segment from the CBS Evening News, wherein the mosque’s leader blames US policies as “an accessory to the crime that happened” in reference to the 9/11 attacks.

This week we are encouraging our members to call their elected leaders and to alert their fellow Americans: only a public outcry can make elected officials in New York take another look at whether it’s appropriate for a 15-story mosque with a commanding view of ground zero, with this leadership and funding, to be constructed where thousands of Americans lost their lives to radical Islamic terrorists.

Please take the time to read the noteworthy stories from the week below — and don’t forget to visit throughout the week for breaking news. Also, remember to sign our petition asking Americans to stand with Israel. Thank you for your support.


The Keep America Safe Team

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