Countdown to Election 2010 Has Begun!

Fewer Than 90 Days Until Election!

Volunteer today – let’s be sure our friends, neighbors and families are ready to vote on Tuesday, November 2nd!

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One Response to COUNTDOWN TO ELECTION 2010

  1. Russ Vansant says:

    Suggest you highlite conservative women such as:

    Renee Ellmers, for NC Congress
    Cathy Wright, for NC Senate
    Sharon Angle, for NV Senate
    Jan Brewer, for AZ Governor
    Nikki Haley, for SC Gov
    Carly Fiorina, for CA Senate
    Bev Whitman, for CA Gov
    Michelle Bachman, for MN Congress

    82 Woman for US House
    12 Woman for US Senate
    10 Woman for Governor
    Quite a nice trend.

    I know Moore Tea is non-partisan but, you can mention their opposition discreetly.

    You know the non-partisan law was put in place to make it more difficult to defeat incumbants. The law should be eliminated.

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