‘Birthright Citizenship’ Pilot Article by Norma Cappelletti!

Birthright Citizenship article in Pilot 8/30

Above is the link to the entire article.  Congratulations, Norma.  Well done!  Below is just a taste of the excellent article.

A problem which is dramatically affecting our country’s demographics and

has become a financial burden of immense proportions is the issue of

“birthright citizenship.”

Only the United States and Canada, among advanced countries, still grant

automatic citizenship to the offspring of illegal immigrants. Most other

modern nations, such as Great Britain, France and Australia, have revoked

this ridiculous custom.

According to Heritage Foundation expert James Carafano, the United States

seems to grant citizenship to all children born to parents who are unlawfully

in the United States. As Carafano explains, that practice raises a problem in

principle because it runs against our deep respect for, and valuation of,


Some who agree that the practice is problematic have called for changes to

the 14th Amendment, which they see as the root of the problem because it

grants citizenship to “all those born or naturalized in the United States, and

subject to the jurisdiction thereof.” But the issue does not have to be a

matter of actually approving an amendment to the Constitution.

As Heritage visiting fellow Ernest Istook says, the question is really “a

matter of how you interpret that all-important clause that says it’s not just

people who are born in the United States but people who are subject to the

jurisdiction thereof at the time of birth.” In other words, the 14th

Amendment does not automatically grant citizenship to the children of those

who are in the U.S. illegally.

One way or another, though, the issue needs to be clarified so immigration

reform can move forward. The popular concept of birthright citizenship —

that anyone born while in the United States is automatically a U.S. citizen —

is historically and legally inaccurate. Only a complete jurisdiction of the kind

that brings with it an exclusive allegiance is sufficient to qualify for the grant

of citizenship.

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