9-12 – Moore TEA Citizens! Moore TEA Patriots went!

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The first forty or so slides are from 2009 – then here we are in 2010!

We went to Washington, DC for the March on Washington on Sunday, September 12th.  We took two 14 passenger vans, left at 4:00 am and got back in Southern Pines at midnight, the same day.  When there’s time we’ll post many photos.  The gathering at the Capitol was 1/3 the size of last year, but we know there were TEA groups in St. Louis, Sacramento and other cities FROM COAST TO COAST.  We have spread clear across the nation.  Go, TEA!  See this video featuring Herman Cain – from Tea Party Patriots.  Link Here!

We had a great, very memorable day in DC!

For Moore TEA Citizens and Patriots (names we dubbed our vans) the most memorable speaker was Tito Munoz, and here is his speech.  Look for the NC flag mid-screen – that’s where most of the Moore TEA Citizens were.  Link Here for Tito.  Here is a true Patriot! On a street corner we joined a troubadour who was singing a catchy tune, “We Ain’t Goin’ Away”.  It was a great launch for our day in DC.  Here’s the link to it.

Thanks to Russ Fincham and the Rockingham NC Tea Party for this video.  Link Here.


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