Please listen here for a new song, written by patriots in Nebraska.  Thank you, Reesa. 


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  1. Sue & Frank Lisco says:

    Your Tea Party is nothing more than a concoction cooked up by the Republican Party. You can’t fool intelligent people, only the gullible. All of the candidates you support are Republican. Your group has come up with no solutions, only words, cynicism, negitivity and uncooperativeness. Your little pamphlet is only fancy words with no substance. Where were your voices and complaints the past 8 years while George Bush was making a mess of this country? You lost the last election and began bashing Barach Obama immediately. For no reason. This country was founded on the princple that once an election is over, it is the job of the elected officals, whether in the majority or minority, to solve the problems of our country, setting aside political differences for the good of the people.

    President Obama has had to tackle the problems that Bush and his comrades left him and is doing admirably with no cooperation from the Republicans. What did Bush do but lie about wepons of mass destruction, invade Iraq unjustly and immorally and occupy them without provacation. Talk about the deficit, he was spending $10 billion a month in Iraq for what? Bill Clinton left office with our country having a surplus! Bush made that disappear in a blink of an eye.

    President Obama and the Democrats didn’t invent “excessive spending by an out of control Federal government that has exceeded the bounds of the US Constitution” as your pamphlet states. What’s your solution? Put the Republicans back in charge! Obama is trying to slove the mess in less than 2 years that the Republican Administration allowed to happen. Namely 1. The Financial Markets Meltdown, 2. Healthcare fraud & related waste, 3. troubled auto industry, 4. Medicare fraud and waste.

    President Obama has made great progress and money has to be spent now to get the problems on the right tract for the future. How do you do this without spending and it is better spent at home than $10 billion a month in Iraq!

    Your pamphlet talks about putting America back on the right track. Who got us off track? Not Obama! He is trying to get the country on the right track, but can’t get any cooperation from Republicans. They are just bitter and are prventing Democracy from working.

    • Citizen says:

      We are posting your commentary – others are invite to respond to you. Our organization has a wide range of people and they are Republicans, Democrats, Independents and no particular affiliation. All are welcome. Obama’s actions speak louder than any words I could use – he is determined to bring down America, and we are even more determined to reclaim our beloved country.

      The candidates we support are NOT ALL REPUBLICAN. Check again.

      This is the most important election many of us have ever participated in. Americans from every corner of our nation are standing up and speaking out. We will not be silenced, and voting chicanery will not be condoned.

      Dee for Moore TEA

  2. Sue & Frank Lisco says:

    “Barack Obama is determined to bring down America” What is that! Is that all you’ve got? What does that mean? More words and no substance to scare the gullible and uninformed. The quote sounds like something a 7th grader might come up with . Give me examples, specific facts!
    Are the following examples of Barack Obama trying to “bring down America”, whatever that means. 1. Health care reform to cut out fraud and waste and make health care affordable to all. 2. Reform in the banking and financial sector that was in a meltdown. 3. Addressing the troubled Auto industry that was in a meltdown. 4. Strengthening Social Security and cutting out the waste and fraud. 5. Speed up the removal of our unwanted presence in Iraq. (to name a few)

    On you national tea blog there are comments using the N-word and F-word towards our president and his supporters. The racisim, filthy tactics, lies used against President Obama is unparalled in our history. Calling Obama and his supporters socialists is preposterous. Another scare tactic for the uninformed and gullible. Another good one from the tea group is that unemployment is at 20%! The bigger the lie the more likely the gullible will believe it. The Nazis used that tactic back in the 30’s and 40’s. It’s too bad the Democrats didn’t get down in the gutter with the tea people since the tea group comes right out of the sewer anyway, based on all the hate and filth exhibited.

    You’ve been basing Barack Obama since he took office, why? Are you threatend by his intelligence, creativity and sence of humor? Are you uncomfortable with someone who can talk to you without reading some prepared script? You folks went berserk with un paralled paranoia when President Obama wanted to address our nations students with a little back to school “pep”talk and stress the importance of doing well in school. It’s a nice touch by a creative, intellegent man. Something Bush and the Republicans would never have thought of. With the hate you people exhibit, you should be ashamed to call yourselves Americans!

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