Letter from Chair, NCGOP Re Polling Accuracy

You may have seen news reports over the weekend that in an almost unheard of Saturday session, a Federal judge ordered the State Board of Elections be required to take steps to ensure voters’ ballots are accurately cast. This followed a lawsuit filed by the NCGOP after receiving multiple reports of voting inaccuracies in several North Carolina counties.

Although I am pleased with the court’s ruling, it is unfortunate that a Federal judge had to intervene in a matter that the State Board of Elections should have taken care of without prompting.   

The ruling ordered the State Board of Elections to take the following steps on Election Day:

1) Provide written and oral notice to every voter using touch screen machines that problems exist, and to carefully review their ballots before confirming them.

2) Preserve all Personal Electronic programs, ballots, metadata, source codes, and any programs or data that reflects machine calibration.

3) Issue an order that poll workers in all precincts be required to keep a record of all complaints by voters regarding the touch screen voting machines.

The suit was filed against the SBOE by the NCGOP after receiving multiple reports of voting inaccuracies in counties across North Carolina.  The complaints followed a similar pattern, in that voters using touch screen voting machines were attempting to cast a straight-ticket Republican vote, while the machine attempted to verify their vote as a straight-ticket Democrat.  Attorneys for the NCGOP had been in contact with the SBOE since early last week, but the lack of action by the SBOE compelled the legal action.

It was obvious that the Board of Elections did not take this problem seriously and I could not stand idly by while voters’ confidence drained away.  It is unfortunate that taxpayer resources were wasted on legal proceedings when the remedy was so apparent.  We applaud the decision and hope it will ensure votes are tabulated accurately and protect the integrity of this election. 

We are just hours away from the finish line.  The day we have waited for and worked so hard to prepare for is upon us.  Tomorrow, history will be made in polling places throughout North Carolina.  Make sure you and your people are doing everything possible to bring home the victory on Tuesday.


Tom Fetzer
NCGOP Chairman

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2 Responses to Letter from Chair, NCGOP Re Polling Accuracy

  1. vik says:


    Congratulations on the historic win last Tuesday, Liberty Lovers, Now the real work Begins

    As you must have observed the establishment (parties, media, think tanks) is quite worried, to put it mildly by our rise, there were talks of co-opting the movement even before the elections and they will continue. Hence it makes sense to take preemptive steps to avoid the conditions which lead to irrelevance of most popular movements.

    1. KEEP IT LOCAL: The biggest strength of TEA Party Movement is its nameless, faceless nature. The establishment will try its hardest to put a face on the movement and discredit it sooner or later. Hence we must avoid the temptation of making it more organized and systematic. It started as different people coming together for some common issues with different views on other issues and it must remain so if we want to keep it effective.

    2. NO MIDDLEMEN: In the course of the movement many individuals have risen to give voice to common concerns and they have done a commendable job. However , if experience has taught us anything it is this: Power Corrupts. No single individual or group of individuals must have the power to speak for the whole movement. As the new Congress meets and starts working to repeal Obamacare and cut spending, there will be times when it would seem that they are not delivering. We must respond to it in the same way we responded to the Congress earlier: By calling the Reps and Senators individually and being vigilant individually.

    3.KEEP THE FOCUS: Finally, we must be focused on the core issue that binds us all FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY. Limited Government and Free Markets necessarily flow from it. If government is fiscally responsible it must be limited and markets will be free.

    • Citizen says:

      Do we know you? Are you a Moore TEA Citizen? Please sign up today – send name, address, phone number and email address to mooreteacitizens@gmail.com. The 4th item that should have been in your list is GET INVOLVED TODAY! Thanks, Citizen!

      Dee for Moore TEA

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