What is QE2, and What Will It Do To/For America?

Read the important report by the Issues and Legislation Committee of Moore TEA Citizens.  John Rowerdink and his capable colleagues have researched and provided a cogent analysis.  Let us hear from you.  

Will It Work?  Link Here!

More on QE2 – A Cartoon – Another point of view.  Link Here.

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2 Responses to What is QE2, and What Will It Do To/For America?

  1. Anthony Bruno says:

    When I learned of QE2 I immediately thought of the millions of citizens who have done the same thing the past two decades, borrowing (in this case, printing) to maintain a spending level beyond the income to pay the bills. WHERE is the income going to come from to pay down the increased debt, or even the interest.

    The folly continues……..

  2. The Deziel Theory says:

    QE is pretty much the last trick up the Fed’s sleeves. There are no other viable options left for stimulating the national economy. Qualitative easing and credit easing have both failed to produce positive results. There are both possible risks and possible benefits to QE, but hyperinflation is not likely as “QE1” did not result in hyperinflation. Experts are split 50/50 on the argument, so I guess we’ll just to wait and see. Although, be careful about getting your information from a cartoon video.

    There is a common misconception that decreased federal spending would stimulate the national economy. While spending cuts would positively affect the deficit and the national debt level, drastic cuts would result in increased unemployment, negatively affecting the national economy.

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