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Thanks to Tony Passaro from Maryland for this terrific post-midnight post.  We seem to do some of our best work in the wee small hours.  We are on the March!  Is it 2012 yet!?  Read on…

What do you think?  This is long and deserves attention – will make a link to a Word page asap.  Meantime give us feedback – do you agree?

Wherever the spirit of the Lord is present – There is LIBERTY……… 

 Winston Churchill once said
“The vice of capitalism is that it stands for the unequal sharing of blessings; whereas the virtue of socialism is that it stands for the equal sharing of misery.”


Now that “we the people” have made our voices heard, turned out 61+ Democrat supporters of the progressive/socialist policies and rejected the Obama administration’s agenda to transform America into Europe West, what should we be watching for…what will be the early signs to alert us of the willingness of the Republican establishment to make the needed changes? How will we know if they got the message?
There are several things we should watch for between now and early March; signs that will be indicative of how much change of course our new Congress is willing to make.
1.      Taxes. Will Republicans hold the line on extending the current tax rates permanently…or will they compromise their principles?
2.      Energy. Will Republicans allow a Senate vote on the House Cap and Tax energy bill during the lame duck session?
3.      National Security  Will Republicans hold the line on the new START treaty with the Russians and insist that the vote not be taken until the new Congress is seated in January?
4.      Unions. Will Republicans stand against the Employees Free Choice Act? Thus denying the unions’ attempts to undermine the secret ballot in union elections?
5.      Immigration  Will Republicans hold the line against the president’s attempt to push through the DREAM Act giving amnesty and a path to citizenship for the children of illegal aliens?
6.      Obamacare. Will Senate Republicans refuse to confirm the radical, elitist doctor that Obama has nominated to implement his health care reform agenda? The nominee, Dr. Berwick, is a strong supporter of the British healthcare system (which is being dismantled as this is written), supports rationing of medical care, is dismissive on doctor/patient privilege and believes that bureaucrats in Washington can better guide your healthcare than your local doctor…will the Republicans allow his confirmation?
There are surely more issues of concern that will come up during this lame duck session, but these six issues will provide and early barometer on how well the Republican establishment got the message.
113TH CONGRESS (Sworn in, in Jan 2011)
1.      Committee Chairs  Will the Republican establishment protect the traditional seniority system currently in place for selecting Committee Chairs (and assigning committee seats in the Senate) …or will they provide opportunities for the newer faces to exert significant influence on the new Congress?
2.       Tea Party Candidates. Will the Republican establishment provide significant opportunities for the newly elected Tea Party candidates to participate in the drafting of legislation and proposing amendments…or will they relegated these freshmen to the back bench?
3.      Spending. Will the new majority in the House follow through on rolling back the budget baseline to the 2008 levels…or will they attempt to play on the fringes of the huge federal deficit without making any significant progress towards a balanced budget?
4.      Congressional Pay. Will the House follow through on a recommendation by the new Speaker to vote a pay reduction for members of Congress and the congressional staff?
5.      Ear Marks  Will the Republican establishment actually end earmarks?
6.      Obamacare. Will the House aggressively pursue the overturn of and/or the defunding of the Obamacare bill? Will they actually present an alternative plan to reform healthcare based on free market principles?
7.      Regulatory Reform. Will the House make a solid effort to roll back the overreaching regulatory laws passed by 112th Congress?
8.      Federal Agencies. Will the new House ensure effective Congressional oversight of the run away federal agencies…HHS…EPA…IRS…TSA…to list just a few…or will they allow these agencies to make new regulations contrary to the will of the American people as expressed in the recent elections?
9.      Backbone.  Will the new House majority have the courage to stand in the gap against the anticipated onslaught from the Senate Democrats, the White House and the liberal media? Will they have the courage to resist fiscally irresponsible Senate amendments to their appropriations bills, the threat of Presidential vetoes and the vitriol of a biased press? Will they be willing to shut down the government to support the governing principles that handed them the majority?
Again, there are many more issues of interest to the conservative Americans that voted in unprecedented numbers in November to send a message to Washington about the direction and reach of the federal government, but these nine are both significant and will provide early indications of the impact of the election on the entrenched political establishment.
Most of this pressure rests on the House majority since the Democrats still control the Senate and Obama still wields the veto pen. The new House leadership must understand their importance in slowing the progressives’ agenda and in holding the line against bigger government, more spending and bigger deficits.
No mention here of JOBS, JOBS, JOBS…that is because jobs will follow sane government…and this past election was all about stopping the insanity in DC!
I will track these and other critical issues and try to keep you informed of our progress in stalling the Obama Express.
What if the Republican establishment has not been reformed…what if they fail to stand firm against the administration? What then? Stay tuned.
Capt Jim Kinney USN (ret)


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  1. Chuck Butler says:

    You might enjoy my entry for the Ayn Rand Institute’s “Atlas Shrugged” Video Contest:

    Could be a great anthem for the Tea Party.

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