Reaction to Senator DeMint’s Letter – Note to TEA Parties

Tea Party Nation has published Senator DeMint’s letter, and now follows it with a lobbyist’s letter to Tea Parties.   Please send us your reactions – record your thoughts just below either this post or the DeMint letter. 

A Washington lobbyist sent a letter that was forwarded to me.  I checked through my sources in DC and the lobbyist is legitimate.  I have also exchanged emails with him and he has asked me to withhold his name, due to his employment.  

Hello, is anyone there?  I’ve been a long-time follower, and a supporter of many of the core beliefs of the “Tea Party.”  I’m a very strong fiscal conservative.  For many months I have related to many in the Tea Party regarding my frustration with Washington politicians, particularly because their aren’t any fiscal conservatives any more.  There are three elements of your core beliefs that I find absolutely essential, particularly at this time of dire economic consequense of a runaway national debt that threatens to bankrupt this great country in less than a decade.  These beliefs you have identified are:

– National Budget Must Be Balanced.
– Deficit Spending Will End.
– Bail-out And Stimulus Plans Are Illegal

However, I continue to wait for a full-out Tea Party revolt of this disgraceful tax “compromise” between Obama and gutless Republicans in Congress that will increase the debt by almost $1 TRILLION over just two years!!!  With the exception of Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), who is one of the national leaders of the Tea Party movement and one of the only self-proclaimed Tea Party candidates that currently enjoy the ability to vote in the U.S. Congress, Republicans have ONCE AGAIN lied down for the benefit of political points to their fat-cat constituents.  Who is standing with Jim DeMint in opposing the cost of this bill???

I recognize the difficulties you and other Tea Party organizations face in balancing your core principles, which include both balanced budgets and tax cuts.  But if the Tea Party doesn’t oppose this deal, it is no different than the continually failing Republican Party because at the end of the day, it is a movement that supports gutless politicians that don’t have the courage to make tough decisions to balance the budget and fight for the fiscal security of our nation.  You and other groups can talk all you want about balancing the budget, but it’s not going to balance itself.  And we certainly aren’t even moving in the right direction by kicking the can down the road and passing another TRILLION dollars of debt in two years. 

I’m a professional lobbyist, so I know full well that all this job creation stuff is nonsense rhetoric.  This bill’s not going to create jobs, it’s going to throw money at rich people, poor people and corporations.  As you full know, as long as Obama is in the White House and Dems. have significant power in the Congress, U.S. companies will continue to sit tight because of the uncertain tax and regulatory business environment. 

We have one opportunity right now, and it’s to move towards balancing the budget.  As a middle-class American, I would rather see my own taxes go up for the next two years than see this great nation move closer to near-certain debt crisis.  

I’m with Jim DeMint on this one, but I guess not the Tea Party.  Many of  us believe that the Tea Party has a mandate from the recent election.  There’s no reason you shouldn’t leverage this momentum and pressure lame-duck Republicans to behave responsibly with the National economy and vote “no” on this Obama-compromise-giveaway. 


Name withheld

Metro DC area

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