“Obama Flakes” about Obama, Pelosi and Reid, and Hillary Clinton

Link Here for a NEW YouTube, “Obama Flakes” about Obama, Pelosi and Reid, plus Hillary Clinton.  Take a look and take a minute to give us your feedback.  Thanks!

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One Response to “Obama Flakes” about Obama, Pelosi and Reid, and Hillary Clinton

  1. Russ Vansant says:

    Barack Obama’s Ineligibility And Nullification
    November 19, 2010
    Barack Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya when his mother and father were visiting the country. His father was a British citizen of Kenya, his place of birth. Refer to a photo of Obama’s legal birth certificate obtained from the government of Kenya’s records office on the website, http://www.RevoltAgainstMarxism.com. OBAMA BIO TAB.
    The “Certificate of Birth” that appeared on the internet before the election is not a legal birth certificate and can be obtained by anyone not born in the state of Hawaii. A person working for the Obama campaign has allegedly stated he forged the “Certificate of Birth” for Obama.
    An American, reportedly now living in California, who worked in the Hawaiian state records office during the Obama presidential campaign and was responsible for issuing copies of Hawaiian birth certificates has stated “I am willing to testify that there is no birth certificate for Barack Obama on file in the Hawaiian records office”. Barack Obama does not have a United States birth certificate and will not be able to produce one.
    The birth announcements in local Hawaiian newspapers were either automatically placed as a result of the “Certificate of Birth”, which may or may not have been filed, or were placed by his grandfather, Stanley Dunham who lived in Hawaii.
    Obama’s mother was a United States citizen at his birth which yields the possibility of conveying citizenship on her son but, she was eighteen years of age at his birth and the law at the time required her to be a United States resident for five years after she reached the age of fourteen. That would require her to be nineteen years of age when he was born. Therefore she could not convey citizenship on her son and he would have Kenyan (actually British) citizenship.
    Also, Obama and his mother moved to Indonesia when he was seven or eight years old to live with Stanley Dunham Obama Sotero’s new husband Lolo Sotero. In order to attend school in Indonesia, which he reportedly did, he was required to give up his citizenship from where he came and take Indonesian citizenship. When he returned to the United States he would have to file for United States citizenship and there is no evidence of that being done.
    I submit Barack Obama has never been a citizen of the United States! He has no visa to be in the country. This makes Barack Obama Sotero an illegal alien in the United States. What is an illegal alien subject to in our country? Deportation!!
    Obama knows he was born in Kenya and not Hawaii. He is lying to the American public. He is not eligible to be a candidate for president and therefore is an illegal “president”. Obama is a usurper. George Soros and others have carried out the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the citizens of the United States!
    This matter is being pursued by a number of court cases and the illegal Soros/Obama administration is fighting these court cases every way possible. It is necessary for a court case to progress to the level for legal discovery that will force the accused to produce a birth certificate. Obama will not be able to produce a legal US birth certificate and will be exposed.
    A court case of note is Lt. Colonel Terry Lakin who is challenging Obama’s status as Commander in Chief and his right to give Lt. Colonel Lakin a military order to go to Afghanistan. This Court Martial case is scheduled for December 14 at Ft. George Meade, Maryland. See COUNTDOWN to Court-Martial (Fort Meade, MD, Dec 14-15) Refer to the website: http://www.safeguardourconstitution.com. This is a very informative website regarding the entire eligibility matter and they need our moral, action and financial support. They are just concerned citizens in support of the courageous, principled and unselfish Lt. Col. Terry Lakin. He faces, if convicted, a sentence of jail at hard labor.
    NOW FOR THE REST OF THE STORY! Since Obama is not a legal resident of the United States and not president of our country everything he has done, approved or signed should be NULLIFIED including the two nominees placed on the Supreme Court. President Biden will be required to review and in some cases redo prior actions. Since Congress and the national knowledge (mood) have changed, things might turn out differently. The only proper and legal solution to this matter is to follow the law. If the law is not followed to the letter there will be numerous items left in question to be challenged in future years. For example the Supreme Court nominees may be challenged as to their legality and everything they voted upon. The Health Care legislation can be challenged in the future and possibility nullified.
    We are a nation of laws, not men, and when we follow the law Obama will be removed from the Whitehouse, will not be the 44th president of the United States, will not receive Secret Service protection, will not receive retirement or healthcare from the government and will be deported. We cannot wait until the 2012 election. This action can be and must be forced by the public becoming aware and creating a national uproar! The Tea Party must be the leader.
    By properly carrying out the law, the citizens of the United States will demonstrate to the world we are a society of laws, controlled by the people. You and I control our country, not elected officials, not money and operatives in Washington DC, not the media.
    This is an epic historical period in the history of the United States, comparable to the Revolutionary War, the Declaration of Independence, and the Civil War. We have an opportunity to show the world that a representative, Republican government with a capitalistic economy can correct grievous wrongs and go forward to greater accomplishment and success! We are Americans!

    References: World Net Daily, Joseph Farah, Editor, and CEO. http://www.wnd.com
    Lt. Col. Terry Lakin Court Martial, http://www.safeguardourconstitution.com
    Educational Anti-Marxism, http://www.RevoltAgainstMarxism.com
    Internet E-News , http://www.thepostemail.com
    The Western Center For Journalism, wcj@westernjournalism.com

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