End Of Lame Duck – What’s Next?


Now that the Lame Duck session is winding down, what is next for America?  We’ve been reading a lot on Tea Party Nation, and here’s a portion of one Judson Phillips article about what we can expect:

This week, time is on our side.   Like the football team trying to stop a last minute drive, all we have to do is slow them down until time runs out.  Time should run out this Friday. 

After we celebrate the end of this lame duck Congress, we should take time to remember a few things.  If we have learned anything over the last two years, we should have learned, elections matter.  This is a lesson we need to remind our friends and our neighbors.   If we had a real conservative running in 2008, Obama would not be President.   Instead, the 2008 election was a battle between two liberals.  The American people really did not have a choice.

Another lesson we need to take from this is the need to prepare and be involved in the political system.  The people who will win elections in 2012 are running right now.   We need to find good candidates and get them into the game now.  We also need to be working to take over political organizations, in particular the taking over the Republican Party.  We need to get a good solid conservative, like Saul Anuzis in as the Chairman of the RNC and at the state and local level we need to start moving the RINOs out and put good, solid conservatives in their place.  The changes will not take place over night and we will not win all of them.  But we need to keep pushing.

As we look for leaders for the future, we need to find leaders with one commitment.   We need leaders committed to the destruction of liberalism.  When Ronald Reagan went into the White House, he was committed to destroying Soviet Communism.  Before Reagan, in some area, it was considered fashionable to be a “communist.”  After Reagan, only the mentally ill would call themselves communists.    We need leaders who are committed to stopping and destroying the progressive agenda.  After the 2012 elections, we must make certain liberals are never in a position of power again.

Judson Phillips calls this period “Running The Clock Out”.  What do you think?  What role will you play in the new year and as we head toward 2012?  Moore TEA Citizens, let’s be ON OUR WAY once again!

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