Guest Post from Bob Levy, Moore County Republican Chairman

Dear Friends:
The scene in the United States Senate is more like a magic show than a Congress. While our eyes are on the flashy ball in the magician’s right hand, he places the rabbit in the hat with his left. Then we all ask, “How’d that rabbit get into that empty hat?”
Well, today’s flashy ball is the Bush tax cuts. We need to make sure those cuts remain in place.  But the left hand of the Senate is on the START Treaty, The Strategic Arms Limitation Talks Treaty. It’s complicated and does not lend itself to a “sound bite” like “Don’t raise our taxes.” But, it is just as demanding of our attention.
Even not knowing a thing about this treaty except that it was negotiated by President Obama, Mr. Apologist for American Power tells us that we ought not trust it in the hands of a “lame duck” group of Democrats. Currently, North Korea is threatening nuclear war. Iran is building nuclear weapons. This is not the time to get rid of our nuclear superiority.According to the Heritage Foundation, the treaty further constrains our anti-ballistic missile program, the program Democrats call “Star Wars”, but which might be our only defense against missiles from Iran and North Korea. Moreover, a war with North Korea means a war with China, the true threat for the 21st Century.
The United States has a habit of preparing for the “last war”.  Before World War II, we readied our Pacific defense with battle ships at anchor. In Viet Nam, we tried to fight World War II with one hand tied behind our backs. Now, President Obama is trying to resolve the “Cold War” which President Reagan already won.
Please contact Senator Burr. [Tel: (202) 224-3154] Remind him that Conservatives voted him back into the Senate. He needs to stand by Conservatives and vote against the START Treaty as it now written. At the very least, he needs to vote to delay its ratification until the next Congress.
We must keep our right eye on the Bush Tax Cuts. But, in doing so, we also have to keep alert for a “sucker punch” from the left.
Yours for Peace on Earth through Strength At Home,
Robert M. Levy
Chairman, Moore County Republican Party
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