Reparations Act – Fraud?!

Have you ever heard of the Pigford Initiative?  Pigford Reparations?  Check out the name and see what you think.  Link Here for a YouTube video of a real black farmer, blowing a whistle on the apparent scam.

Thanks to the Center for Individual Freedom for this.  And to new member Carolyn for alerting us all to this newest outrage from DC.  The president has signed this monstrosity into law – now we must un-do it!  Read all you can about it – we’re gathering more and more information, including what role Senator Burr might have had in its passage.  Stay tuned – there’s MOORE TO COME!

Happy Reparations Day, America! Tucked away in news reports about the “grand bargain” on extending the Bush era tax cuts while prolonging unemployment benefits is this week’s presidential signing of the Pigford II settlement. Totaling $1.25 billion in taxpayer money, the December 8 ceremony is shaping up to be a case study in how to use tax dollars to fund reparations.

As discussed by CFIF back in September, the Pigford lawsuits – though originally based on seemingly valid claims of discrimination against black farmers – almost immediately turned into a get-rich-quick scam for trial lawyers and non-farming claimants. Now we learn that, as a new BigGovernment report documents, more than one presidential election cycle has been influenced by the degree to which Democratic candidates demonstrated fealty to the covert reparations scheme.

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In essence Pigford, while originally a legitimate grievance by about 400 black Southern farmers against USDA, has become a reparations Ponzi scheme that will cost taxpayers billions when the Obama orchestrated “resettlement” is paid out. It is rife with fraud, corruption and even murder.

In the end, virtually any black person who ever grew a pansy on their windowsill could file a claim as a farmer. There are no more than 33,000 black farmers in the US; 94,000 have filed claims. And Pigford opened a floodgate of lawsuits by other minorities to settle claimed injustices by the USDA. This week Native Americans who jumped on the bandwagon were awarded $4.55 billion, as well.

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One Response to Reparations Act – Fraud?!

  1. Jack Stevens says:

    Pigford provides payouts of $8 – $10 Billion (with a B) to farmers. Rush Limbaugh says there are 18,000 black farmers but 83,000 signed up for money. More since then. It’s a SCAM! And the Obama regime has brokered this for over a year. Let’s go!

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