Get Involved in Grassroots Political Parties!

This is an important piece written by Ron Robinson for Tea Party Nation.  If you’re interested, be in touch with us at  We’ll work with you to be sure you’re ready to attend as a Tea Party member of one of the major political parties.  Here’s the article by Robinson.

You Can Take Back & Govern Your Party

 Do you recall the last time that you voted for who your GOP county chair – or state chair for that matter – would be?

You don’t?  You weren’t asked?  It wasn’t on your ballot?  You didn’t know when the election was?   

That’s because local party officers who serve your county and state parties are not on your general or primary ballot.  The folks who elect your local GOP officers and set policy for how the party will help GOP candidates are members of your local (usually county) Central Committee and it’s a public body that you can join and cast a vote on party leadership.

Yet amazingly, half or more the local voting seats that govern our local parties are vacant.  Empty.  Unoccupied.  Yes, I’m saying that empty seat should be occupied by you and you should be helping to actually govern our party.  

Knowing this, is it any surprise that we find our party in such a state that we want little or nothing to do with the GOP and some are tempted to start a new party?  If all the energy some commit to trying to start a new party were instead going to  govern the party we do have, then few of us would have any problem at all with the GOP.  

Sending Congresscritters faxes and emails, carrying signs at a protest, blogging and writing comments do nothing to actually change our party and therefore our government, eventually enabling us to take our country back.

But becoming a precinct committeeman produces rapid change within the party.  In his email yesterday, Judson Phillips noted that taking back our party will be a top priority for TPN in 2011.  He’s already taken action to prove that he’s serious in that goal.  Helping you take up the task of being a precinct committeeman is how we put wheels on that goal and make it roll.  

What does a precinct committeeman (PC) do?  Well the first duties are to assist with GOTV, help pick local candidates (the farm team of public servants who eventually become our Congressmen and Senators), support local civic clubs, and register new Republicans to vote,  there is genuine power in being a local Central Committee member.  The power of being able to fill vacancies in elective office such as Sheriff, your state legislature, and even Congress.

Precinct committeemen are also in the pool that’s usually the first examined when the governor or mayor needs to fill a spot on many governing boards, commissions, etc.

That’s exactly how the liberals took over our local and state governments in the last 40 years, and we weren’t even on the ball field.

We’ve created a new group here on Tea Party Nation just for folks who want to learn about becoming a precinct committee person.  There is also and the Precinct Project.

Take back your party.  Govern your party.  Become a precinct committeeman in your neighborhood and county – or find someone of like-minded spirit who will.  

If we continue to have a party that’s basically ungoverned with half the voting seats empty, then we only have ourselves to blame.  

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One Response to Get Involved in Grassroots Political Parties!

  1. John Keida says:

    We at are looking for volunteers to monitor the performance of members of Congress and write a weekly article evaluating their performance based upon conservative principals. Please forward this email to your membership. For them to participate they should choose one member of Congress, preferably the member from the district in which they live. When they register at they will be automatically registered as a “author”. A list of members of congress can be found on the internet at

    Thank you for your help.

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