In Congress on Day 1 – Constitution Reading and Expense Cut

Capitol Hill is already moving in unprecedented ways. On the first full day of the 112th Congress, the House of Representatives did something that has never been done before. They conducted a first-ever reading of the US Constitution on the House floor by Congressional members. It is encouraging to see our elected officials reaching out to THE PEOPLE by recognizing we are a nation of laws governed by the Constitution.

In addition, the very first piece of legislation passed by the new Congress was a spending cut! The resolution requires House members to reduce their budget to 95 percent of their 2010 allowance. This resolution passed with a 410-13 vote.


Normally, AFA provides a pre-written letter when asking you to contact your elected officials. However, we’d like to encourage you to take a moment to express, in your own words, your appreciation to your representative for the reading of the Constitution…and the spending cut.

AFA makes it very easy to instantly write your representative a letter. AFA will deliver your email letter promptly to your representative’s Washington, DC office.

We recommend you first let your representative know you are praying for him or her. Then simply share a word of thanks and what issues are most important to you.

Is it the repeal of Obamacare? Perhaps you are most concerned about jobs, the economy or out-of-control spending. If it’s important to you, let your representative here from you! Americans have unprecedented access to elected officials.

Be sure to share this information with your friends on Facebook by clicking the Facebook icon above. Encourage them to write their Congressman now!

Thanks to the American Family Association.  Copy and paste this into an email – let your friends, family and neighbors know.



Congress Reads The Constitution

We The People


  The Tea Party groups, coast to coast, have made this happen.  God Bless you all!  Your tireless efforts and our activities on behalf of the United States have resulted in this momentous reading. 

Take a moment and feel the pride of your accomplishment as future House sessions will begin in similar manner.

We have much more work to do as we help lead our country back to its founding principles.

Click to Watch and Listen to the Reading of the Constitution

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