Is Sarah Palin Dumb?

Are we directing our criticism at the occupant of the White House, or at candidates for President of the United States, any one of whom, including Sarah Palin, is demonstrably brighter than BHO?

Link Here for some examples of the gaffes of the President – that’s the present President – and judge for yourself.  We have, and believe ABO is what it’s got to be ABOut!  Anyone But Obama. 

Do you agree?  Write your response below, please – let’s get it RIGHT IN 2012!

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One Response to Is Sarah Palin Dumb?

  1. Bobbye Hildebrand says:

    agree completely. And clever———Anyone But Obama !!!!!
    Sarah Palin is bright and much more qualified and experienced to be president
    than BHO. I really think he does not have the interest of the country at heart.
    There are alot of good,dedicated, smart people running, who would be far
    superior to what we have in the White House now. I promise to work hard to
    make BHO a one term president.

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