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  1. Kim Gay says:

    Last week, as I was reflecting on my experience in Washington DC at the Tea Party, I was struck by the contrast between those who attended and those who reported about our efforts.. It was their attempt to minimize our attendance count that got me thinking that a NATIONAL TELEPHONE TEA PARTY would be just the way to have our voices “count”. In the past week support has grown for our cause.

    Thank You all for your interest and enthusiasm. I am glad to see there is a lot of positive interest. Some of you have maybe done this before on a much smaller scale via your own groups and or states. I am emailing to the nation via a site I found I am only up to the letter J. I have sent about 150 emails to chairpersons after sifting through these websites in search of contact information from some 200 sites so far. With the help of some of those we have contacted a National Phone-In Tea Party is underway. I live in Baltimore, Maryland. I was fortunate enough to have been able to attend the Washington DC Tea Party. I wouldn’t have been able to afford to go had I had to fly in and get a hotel like so many people did from all across the nation including Alaska and Hawaii. It was AMAZING. There had to be close to if not over a million. One sign said “This is my Woodstock”. The sentiment was well taken by all. The sense of pride was everywhere. Happy smiling people, neat, orderly, people lined Pennsylvania Avenue in droves. The walk was very slow shuffling along at a snails pace at times and this traveling group of moving people kept coming down the Avenue for hours going about a mile and half to the capitol. I have never been a part of anything like it before in my life. So when I got home and heard the squabble over our counted bodies, I was then one angry mob in my chair watching the TV which showed practically nothing about the event. That is what made me want the nation to call in all on 1 day to be “counted”. To those of you who have invited me to your tea parties and meetings, I would love to come but I think it is too far for me to travel!

    I am going to keep on this list as my time allows. I am accumulating your responses and will get back to you all with some solid information such as a date on a website.

    For the future we would like to accumulate a listing of which state offices need to be ousted and which new candidates we should be concentrating on so if you and your groups can start gathering those details we could pass the word..

    Thank you all for responding,
    Kim Gay

    Editor’s Note: If you want to know more about Kim’s note (some has been cut to fit) get in touch with us at

  2. Tracy LaFontaine says:

    Hello True Americans!

    After some group debate regarding Tea Party Events we attended the event on 9/12 in our own town. Like many Americans today we are just as frustrated and angry with the events taking place in this country. The turnout on 9/12 was incredible around the country but unfortunately was grossly lost among the fringe media and Washington. Our cause fell on what seems to be deaf ears, and evolved into an issue of racism and other comments that did not present our full agenda.

    I have spoken to many people and read hundreds of comments on the internet and am confident that most of us feel that our mission objective has not been taken seriously by our Congress, Senate and President Obama.

    TODAY we are not being heard! We need to make our voices so loud that it resonates across America! We need to make it known that we have had enough and that the government works for us, not the other way around! We want our God given rights returned to the American People!

    So while discussing this with other patriots an idea was formed and I would like to take the time to share it with each of you!

    EDITOR’S NOTE: If you are interested in learning what the writer’s suggestions are, get in touch. Send an email to

  3. Colleen Kelly says:

    My father is 86 years old and wants to go to DC Aug 28th.
    I was hoping he could find a bus tour from Moore County, North Carolina to join, so he would not have to make the trip alone.

    Please advise, quickly if possible!
    Advance thanks,
    Colleen Kelly

      My site is of the Political Satire Genre … and has
      Tea Party Info also – God Bless your Visit.

      Closest Bus pick up that I know of is in
      Washington, North Carolina … Here is the info.

      Bus Trip to Glenn Becks 8/28 Event
      Washington, North Carolina
      Saturday, August 28, 2010
      Walmart, Washington NC
      Walmart Parking Lot

      $40 I think it was…

      Witt Thomas (organizer)
      828-850-2013 (organizer phone)

      If you are in need of anything just email me…

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