To contact a member of the House or Senate, Link Here has plenty of contact information about Congress.  If you are wondering about money raised by candidates, there’s Open Secrets.  Link Here!  It’s non-partisan, so whatever your political persuasion there is information you can use!

Americans for Prosperity has posted a terrific chart, which is called the “Obama Chart”.  With mouse-over techniques Phil Kerpen from AFP has been able to highlight the ways the White House and Congress get around rules and procedures to get what the President wants.  Link Here for the chart.

The Cook Political Report is a source of information about governor, Senate and House races.

The New American is also a good source – you can display numerous stories at once on a variety of topics.

What source(s) do you recommend?  Thanks!


What do you believe are the top issues we should cover on the Legislative Page of MOORE TEA?

Budget – Overspending



Homeland Security


National Debt – Overspending in DC



Write us a note and let us know what concerns you the most!

Thanks, Patriots!



  1. Peggy Smetana says:

    What concerns me the most is the overspending in Washington.

    Reduce the government spending! Don’t spend whatever bailout and TARP money has not been spent. We need to bring down the debt more than we need good roads.

    What concerns me is the size and cost of the federal government. We need to reduce the federal employees’ salaries.

    We need to reduce the budgets of Congressional offices. We need to reduce the pensions of Congress.

    We need to reduce the budgets of the government agencies. We need to eliminate Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. We need to reduce the authority of the EPA.

    The interest on the federal debt will consume us.

  2. Dee says:

    Peggy, you have hit the nail on the head. We are in deep water because of irresponsible overspending. It has to stop. Now! Thanks!

  3. Russ Vansant says:

    September 2009

    We have an opportunity to massively change the Washington DC size and culture over the next four years! This is due to the awakening of a major portion of the American public, the SILENT MAJORITY. I am working with others to;

    1) ESTABLISH TERM LIMITS. Three terms for Representatives and two terms for Senators. This is essential! (Senator Jim DeMint has spoken for this principle.)

    2) ESTABLISH “SUNSET LAWS” OVER ALL FEDERAL DEPARTMENTS. Each and every federal department and agency must be defunded and reestablished for its value and funding every six years. This includes the defense department and the intelligence agencies. This is a massive and complex endeavor but would utilize thousands of government workers that we currently do not need. The findings must be published on the Internet and a special cable channel in detail.

    3) LEGISLATE BALANCED BUDGETS with spending caps on the entire budget. As a society becomes more self-sufficient it requires less government not more.

    4) REDUCE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT’S SIZE BY 40%. Our Founders knew from history that a centralized government would be the downfall of the country. It leads to tyranny and is like a malignant tumor. The individual states must be the greatest governmental force and will compete with each other to make a better society.

    5) ESTABLISH FEDERALLY FINANCED ELECTIONS. Campaign funds from corporations and wealthy individuals have corrupted the system. Elected officials spend excessive time and effort in securing funds to be reelected. Give each congressman $3 million and each senator $6 million and let them manage it to the best of their ability.

    6) STRENGTHEN STATES RIGHTS and diminish the federal government’s encroachment on the Constitutional powers of the States. The lawsuits against the healthcare legislation are a beginning.

    7) ESTABLISH A FLAT TAX. The income tax always results in moving the tax up the income ladder until it destroys the wealthy and investment. Capitalism is powerful and the reason for “American Exceptionalism”

    8) CONSTITUTIONALLY OUTLAW GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE UNIONS. Government employees have the government behind them as employees and there is no management function to stop the union from giving themselves more and more. As in Europe and Argentina they will destroy the country.

    There is a revolution forming in the country and as Rahm Emanuel said “we do not want to waste a crisis”. He, Obama, Pelosi and George Soros are creating the crisis and we Tea Party members don’t intend on wasting it. We have an historical opportunity to show the world that a representative republican government of the people can rectify grievous wrongs established over a half century.

    It has been my observation over my adult life that the American citizenry does not make major political changes until things get very bad. They are very bad and will worsen. When the American public receives the correct information they make very sound and responsible decisions. For the past forty years they have been getting lies and devious information from their elected leaders, corporations, educators and the media. FOX News and the Tea Party via television and the Internet have changed the information system forever. The truth always remains.

    Russ Vansant

    “Our safety, our liberty, depends upon preserving the Constitution of the United States as our fathers made it inviolate. The people of the United States are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”- Abraham Lincoln

  4. Roy burch says:

    I believe Mr. Russ VanSant is referring to the clause that states Congress Shall Pass No Law…

  5. Roy burch says:

    Another issue that has changed our country is the reduced import duties. Back in the early 1800s the black pepper trade payed for over 90% of our governments cost. That is just one of the many items imported at that time in history. Once the duties were dropped in the name of free trade the costs that they were being used for stayed and therefore were levied against the domestic buisnesses and the citizens. Personally and constitutionally foreign produced goods should pay for privledge to enter our borders. Why should you and I pave their way with our sweat and hard earned wealth we ar ethe natural borne citizens with certain unalienable rights.

  6. richard cunningham says:

    Nullification begins with the point that a federal law that violates the constitution is no law at all. Alexander Hamilton contended in Federalist Paper #78 that “there is no position which depends on clearer principles,than that every act of a delegated authority contrary of the meaning of the commission under which it is exercised, is void. No legislative act, therefore, contrary to the constitution, can be valid. Nullification simply labels an unconstitutional law void and of no effect, the power then lies in the state {granted by the constitution} to declare it so and thus refuse to enforce it.

  7. Bobby Jones says:

    I’m confused. Obama is bombing Libya because “I want the American people to know that the use of force is not our first choice, and it’s not a choice that I make lightly. But we can’t stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people that there will be no mercy.”

    Isn’t that what George Bush said about Saddam Hussein?

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