WEEB Radio – Moore TEA WEEBie Commentaries

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Radio Station WEEB, 990 am, is broadcasting our commentaries daily, Monday through Friday.  They can be heard at 7:20am, 8:20am, 12:30pm and 5:30pm (times are approximate).  We are also proud that some of our members write letters to the editor and even columns for The Pilot.

We will publish some of the commentaries and columns, plus letters to the editor, here for you to read and consider.  Feel free to copy and paste and distribute to friends and family

Here is the collection to date, from the beginning.  Thanks to all who have added their voices via WEEB.  Special thanks to Steve from WEEB – you are our hero!

WEEBie Virginia Garisto

WEEBie Amusing Attacks Virginia

WEEBie Health Care John Rowerdink

WEEBie Wes May Financial Reform 5-10

WEEBie Heath Care Virginia


WEEBie 6 Health Care Rowerdink

WEEBie Marye Bigler #10


6 Responses to WEEB Radio – Moore TEA WEEBie Commentaries

  1. Linda says:

    Great page; will be watching for more!

  2. Marye Bigler says:

    The government still works for us…..supposedly…..but we need to get all of the T.E.A. groups in the country to make a statement. Taxation without representation should definitely be our motto. They are getting a “free pass” by the liberal left press and TV and it has to STOP. Why can’t we get a Spokesperson to represent us? How about Governor Sarah Palin? The left is so afraid of her that they are starting their “smears”…via David Letterman, etc. We have to fight back!

  3. stephen moodie says:

    Is everyone aware that the Moore County Board of Commissioners are trying to pass a $50 MILLION dollar bond for the Detention Center up in Carthage? This does not include the Court House or Government Office Buildings. This is for the jail alone. Moore County averages only 100 inmates a month. Why this expenditure in this economy when we are cutting back on our children’s education? There is a public hearing set for June 21 at 6pm in the old Court House. My property taxes have already been raised for this project. It is enough!

  4. Marye Bigler says:

    Dear Conservatives……..this is the most important election of our lives and we need to vote for those candidates who follow our Constitution.

    We need to encourage our friends and relatives to reconsider their choice of Obama and his promised “change.” Well he didn’t define what his “change” meant…..after two years, we know what he meant. He is going full speed ahead to change our contry into a Socialist/Marxist non-Christian nation. He bows to Muslim leaders and disrespects our Flag and our God….not to mention our military. He treats Jihadists with “kid gloves”…as they kill our soldiers in cold blood. We must not allow any Congressional members who back all of his bills ….to be re-elected to our Congress. Vote on November 2nd for all Constitution-loving conservataives. May God Bless you and Bless our country. We must take back our democracy on November 2nd at the polls.

  5. Marye Bigler says:

    Congratulations to all TEA PARTY members all over the USA. “We the people” are finally being heard…it took a while but since we never gave up….our efforts have reaped rewards especially today with the abolishment of the so-called “Dream Act” (called “Nightmare Act” by most true Americans). Now we need to work on securing our borders. Governor Jan Brewer needs our help as Obama and Crew have turned her into the UN for censure. Whatta Guy!!!

    Our theme song should be “Onward Christian Soldiers”….as we are the soldiers on the home front….and we still have a lot of work to do…..with the help of God.

  6. Marye Bigler says:

    Our Republican Presidential Candidates are destroying each other and the mainstream media of the left is gleefully covering every slur they cast at eachother. This is not the kind of leadership we need to win the White House in 2012. We need a Candidate who will disclose the “many evils of this administration” all of whom have totally ignored our Constitution. We need to point fingers at Obama, Holder, Napolitano, Kagan, Reid, Pelosi and their total disregard of their oaths of office. Any of our Republican Candidates would be 100% better than Obama & Gang who are blatantly destroying our Republic from within. The “change”: the Community Organizer was talking about whlle campaigning in 2008.. was actually.. to bankrupt the USA, reduce our defense system, granti amnesty to illegals sneaking in thru our open borders and thus turning us into a “one-world-government.” That has been the goal of the Kingmaker George Sorso…a sworn hater of capitalism and our democratic government. We need to think hard and long about the person we pick to “go after this evil regime with no-holds barred.” That is the only way we can fight the liberal left press takeover of the news outlets and airways.,,,who openly favor this unqualified person sitting in our White House. Keep praying for God’s intervention.

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